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Netizens Slams Jay Z for comparing being called a “capitalist” to the N-word

Jay Z was reportedly the subject of relentless criticism on social media platform Twitter recently after he likened being called a capitalist to racial slurs. The Empire State of Mind singer joined Rob Markman and Ari Melber in a Twitter Spaces chat session on Wednesday, August 31. During the 17-minute session, Jay Z struggled to paint a self-taught story that took a strange direction. When it comes to stepping up to black billionaire entertainers like Kanye West, Rihanna and LeBron James, Jay Z emphasized that they “won’t stop.”

He then went on to say that society tried to ‘lock’ them out of the ‘American Dream’ and coined the term ‘capitalism’ on their path to success: Before the American Dream was ‘pull yourself to guide, you can you do it yourself…you can make it in America, “These lies that America let us know seem to go on forever.” What he said next made him a fire among netizens. The rapper contemplates being called a “capitalist” with racial slurs.

After that, when we started to enter, they tried to prevent us from entering. They start making up the word you know, the capitalist you know, and that’s it. At the end of the day, you know, we get called “niggers” and “monkeys” and bullshit. I do not care; those words you all make up. You both need to find more down-to-earth words. Netizens were left baffled when they heard the $1.3 billion singer-entrepreneur compare capitalists to the N-word. riches.

Twitter troll Jay Z after comparing ‘Capitalist’ nickname to N-word

Jay-Z’s “God made it” verses continue to spark discussions on social media. In a recent Twitter Spaces chat, he was approached to explain his verses on the track. In doing so, Jay Z is known as the N-word capitalist and says there is no shame. In a 17-minute chat with journalist Rob Markman, DJ Khaled and more on Twitter Spaces on Wednesday, August 31, Jay Z was asked about his optimism in the song, in which he discussed uplifting others black artists like Kanye West, Rihanna and LeBron James into very wealthy people. The Roc Nation co-founder’s response leans toward those who criticize his business moves and try to shame him for his success.

The billionaire’s fashionable comment prompted a backlash from some who rolled eyes at him for comparing being called a capitalist to being called a racial slur. Jay Z literally cried in this space that we call him a capitalist (he is). And then trying to say that calling rich black people capitalists is like the n-word. LMAOOO wrote one person. Some fans have pointed out that Jay Z’s years-long partnership with the NFL allows him to be called a capitalist, which would undoubtedly add more money to the bank.

For the uninitiated, the NFL’s treatment of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has drawn backlash. Colin Kaepernick reported that he was actually kicked out of the league after speaking out against racial injustice and police brutality. Netizens went on to cite numerous examples of the rapper earning huge sums of money in the United States in an attempt to justify his liberal capitalist leanings.

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