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Nick Carter responds to allegations of rape by an autistic fan – To News

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Nick Carter Responds to Autistic Fan’s Rape Allegations

Nick Carter has denied allegations that he raped an underage fan in 2001.

“Allegations about events that allegedly happened over 20 years ago are not only legally baseless, they are completely false,” Michael Holtz, attorney for the Backstreet Boys, said in a statement obtained by Page Six.

“Unfortunately, over the years Ms Ruth has been manipulated into making false allegations against Nick – which have changed significantly over time on several occasions. No one should be fooled by media stunts orchestrated by opportunistic lawyers – there’s nothing wrong with that statement, and we think the courts will soon realize that.

Shannon “Shay” Ruth held a press conference Thursday in which she sharply criticized Carter, 42, for allegedly sexually assaulting her when she was 17.

Photo of Nick Carter speaking into a microphone.
Nick Carter responded to complainant Shannon “Shay” Ruth’s allegations in a statement to Page Six.

“Despite my autism and cerebral palsy, I believe nothing has had a greater impact on me or had a more lasting impact on my life than what Nick Carter did and told me,” said said the 39-year-old. There are tears in my eyes.

“I remember after he raped me, he called me a ‘reed bitch’, grabbed me and left me with bruises on my arm.”

Ruth also filed a lawsuit Thursday with three unnamed women, identified only as Jane Dewes, who also claim Carter sexually assaulted them.

According to a copy of the complaint received by Page Six, the pop star allegedly lured Ruth to her tour bus after a concert in Tacoma, Wash., and offered her a red drink, which she says is a mixture of alcohol and of cranberry juice. .

Carter then allegedly took his young fan, who was a virgin at the time, to sleep on a tour bus, where he allegedly continued to sexually assault her.

Ruth also told a press conference Thursday that she contracted HPV, a sexually transmitted infection, after meeting Carter.

“Just because Nick Carter is a celebrity doesn’t mean his crimes can be forgiven,” she concluded. “I am a survivor and always will be.”

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