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Nigerian Army denies alliance with herdsmen, criminals in Benue, South-East › scandleusa

On Saturday, the Nigerian army said it was wrong and derogatory for its personnel to work with pastors and criminals in Benue and the southeast.

In an announcement issued by its public relations director, Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu, the army insisted that the statement and other baseless allegations were aimed at tarnishing its image in the country.

The military insists it cannot succumb to intimidation by the team’s narrative of its personnel and actions across the country.

The claim was informed: “The eyes of the Nigerian military are drawn to a defamatory, false and derogatory account, known as the World Association for Civil Liberties and Regulation 1, which claims that the Nigerian military , especially the Nigerian military, is working with armed ranchers/bandits together to terrorize part of Japan and Benue state.

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“A cursory review of the content shows that their attempts to drag NA’s image and reputation into the quagmire while peddling nationalist, lawless, and illegal organizations are futile.

“Unfortunately for the perpetrators of these hoaxes, the extremely patriotic and tireless efforts of the Nigerian military to neutrally defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Nigeria are considered by all to be adequate and bold, and have been acclaimed around the world. entire.

“According to the documents, NA can be conducted not only in the southeastern states, but also in a series of trainings in all the states of the federation, which has significantly reduced crime rates.”

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