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Nigerian Military, Vigilantes Kill Over 100 Terrorists In Northeastern Borno › scandleusa

Nigerian Army and Self Defense Police Kill Over 100 Terrorists in North East Borno, #Nigerian #Army #Vigilantes #Kill #Terrorists #Northeastern #Borno welcome to 50MIND Bloghere’s our latest breakout and trending show for you as we speak:

Sahrawi journalists reported that a joint military operation in Bama and Sambisa regions of Borno State led to the death of the commander and terrorists of the main Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP) .

It is said that as many as 100 terrorists were killed in the operation.

The operation was carried out collectively by units of the Nigerian army, assisted by local security police. Coalition forces invaded terrorist hideouts across the Bama axis over the weekend. 6ad2ba8efda14b7287543c0380f6ca17

6ad2ba8efda14b7287543c0380f6ca17Ground troops were supported by Nigerian Air Force fighter jets.

History revealed that the troops under the 50mindstion Hadin Kai (OPHK) launched a shock attack from a completely different front at the edge of the Sampisa forest, which crossed the axis of Bama.


7a1729527e5c41efa81a322fc4f9cbe4Local volunteers helped troops discover the terrorist’s hideout after purchasing GPS coordinates.

The operation focused on some of the recognized terrorist enclaves at Gabchari, Sheriri, Mantari and Marum Masari, which cross the Bama axis of the state.

Some of the senior commanders believed to have been eliminated in the operation include the so called Ibn Hassan and Abu Uzaifah, Abu Hawa, Amir Shetima Bago, Akula Buri, Abu Zainab and Abu Eid Reese.

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