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No Bump for Biden from His Dark ‘MAGA Republican’ Speech as Race for Congress Comes into Focus – Brospar Daily News

Robert Romano

No rebound in President Joe Biden’s polls Dark Speech in Philadelphia, PA on September 1 Describes the alleged “threat” posed by former President Donald Trump and the so-called “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) Republicans to the “very foundations of our republic”.

58% disapproved of his handling of work before the speech and 57% after the speech, The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll shows.

The Economist/YouGov poll found the same: only 41% approved before the speechonly 41% were approved after, suburban households lose 2 points and rural households lose 4 points. It had a boost among urban families in Democratic areas, no doubt due to the partisan tone of the speech itself.

In total, 54% of suburban households disapprove of Biden, compared to just 40%, a difference of 14 points, according to The Economist/YouGov.

The speech itself appeared to mark the start of the campaign season ahead of the November 2022 Congressional midterms, though it marked the start of Biden’s relationship with his Inaugural speechThe promise to unite the nation: “Unite America. Let’s unite our people. And unite our country. He’s not the same Biden whose strength in a suburban home helped him narrowly beat Trump in 2020, if for his party to have any hope in November, he has to back him.

Instead, Republicans still tend to permanently take over the House, According to the latest predictions from RealClearPolitics.com, showing that 218 seats are favored Republicans or sure Republicans, and only 183 seats are favored Democrats or sure Democrats. Republicans are expected to win between 5 and 39 seats, with an average of 22.

As for the race, 28 of the 34 seats are held by Democrats. Only 6 belong to the Republicans.

To retain the House of Representatives in November, Democrats will need to win not just every contest, but at least one or more of the GOP’s skinny races.

That means Biden needs to appeal to at least some Republicans — In poll after poll, who is more inclined towards midterm votes than the Democrats – Don’t shut down independents and suburban families if he hopes to lead his party to victory in November.

With the weakest majority in Congress delivering such hyperpartisan speech against Trump and his other political opponents – and at the same time the Justice Department is busy bringing criminal charges against Trump and his supporters – a mixed government, Congress The most likely outcome of the midterm elections looks more certain than before Biden’s speech.

Biden screwed up. Of course, his handlers took notice, because less than a day later, Biden tripped over himself to convince reporters that he wasn’t saying every Trump supporter was an “extremist threat” to fate. of global democracy. That’s because Biden needs at least some Trump supporters to vote Democratic in November. You know, after he called them extremists and pretended to forget his speech.

On Sept. 2, Biden clarified his remarks, saying“I don’t think Trump supporters are a threat to the country.”

But by then, the damage was already done. Biden screwed up, and when the House election results are announced in November, it may be hard not to backtrack on the ominous September 1 speech as it cemented public discontent ahead of the election, while the Democrats were lovingly accepted Hate-Trump Kool help. stay tuned.

– – –

Robert Romano is vice president of public policy at the American Limited Government Foundation.
Photo “Joe Biden” by White House.

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