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Olokkhi In Goa Web Series Kilkk App All Episodes, Release Date, Trailer, All New Episodes, Star Cast & More!

Regional languages ​​and regional web series are a thing online, and regional web series are being released in large numbers. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, regional content is easily spread. The Klikk app is one such app that has mass-published content online, the app has widely published content or a web series. Kilkk app now has a new web series called Olokkhi in Goa which will be published on the app soon. Stay tuned for our details, including cast, release date, storyline, production and more about this new web series.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Olokkhi In Goa Web Series Actress Name

Olokkhi in Goa is a new web series that will be available soon on the Kilikk app. Now for what is special about this web series then this web series will have the recently deceased actress Aindrila Sharma although the actress has passed away but many people are happy to watch this web series , so that they can see the last role or the work of the Goan Olokkhi actress. While the platform Kilikk is all in Bengali, one can see the beautiful actress smothering her looks and work in the new web series. Olokkhi web series will be released soon and aindrila will play an important role in the web series.

Olokkhi In Goa web series release date

While filming the web series Olokkhi in Goa, actress Aindrilla traveled all the way from Bangladesh to Goa with the crew to film the entire web series. After the filming of the web series ended, the actress suffered a severe brain stroke and suffered from it. After the stroke, Aindrilla had to be hospitalized.Unfortunately, the actress did not survive the attack and passed away on the 21stYingshi November 2022. After the actress passed away, the director decided that he would release the web series in 2023 next year.The web drama will reportedly be released on the Kilikk app on the 18thday January 2023.

Olokkhi In Goa Web Series Star Cast

Now let’s talk about the crew of the web drama. The director of the web drama is Joydip Banerjee. He is an experienced director and very creative. Talking about the main cast, the main characters in the web series are portrayed by Priyanka Bhattacharjee and Priyanka Monday along with Aindrilla. And the web series will now be released in Bengali only. Earlier in the web series, Andrella suffered a stroke while filming, after which filming was shut down. But then they resumed filming and finished the web series. Joydip mentioned that he would keep this scene of Andrilla in it.

Talking Now the storyline of the web series revolves around four friends in Goa. The four female friends enjoy their trip to Goa as they talk about their families, their lives and their struggles thus far. The series was a hit and it was directed in Goa, the director said it was his first time in Goa with the crew. Joydip also mentioned that the beauty of Goa fascinated him and he decided to keep Adnrilla’s scene in the web series as it was the last memory of her in it.

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