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Parents furious as school removes toilet doors.

Pupils at Parrenthorn High School in Bury, Greater Manchester were told at a rally on Monday September 5, School The boys’ and girls’ toilet doors were removed over the summer “to keep students as safe as possible and to improve the school environment”. However, parents of one child claimed it made students feel uncomfortable and robbed them of their privacy.

she said Manchester Evening News“I’m so unhappy to be going back to school today that my kids found the toilet door removed – not the cubicle door, but the toilet door.

“The intimacy of the two sexes has disappeared. Do you really want to adjust to the sight of passers-by? Especially in adolescence, I don’t think.

If changes were made to prevent further problems, they would still occur, she said.

“Is it to stop the bullying?” said the parent. “Bullying isn’t just about the toilet, so deal with bullying. Is it to prevent children from vaping? Buy a bathroom monitor, trust me these kids will find it elsewhere.

“Privacy is a human right and it is being eroded.”

Another parent told us she was also concerned about the change, adding, “I totally disagree with that. We weren’t told that was going to happen either.

“Why make it uncomfortable for a child to go to the bathroom?”

Principal Chris Bell said two sets of toilets had been opened in this way – those that students could use during school hours – and in accordance with guidelines from school and other public buildings.

He said it was discussed at a pre-holiday meeting but it was during a heat wave and “few parents” were there.

“It was mentioned to the children at the rally this morning (September 5),” he said.

“We spent a lot of time thinking about and designing this carefully. If we didn’t think it was appropriate, we wouldn’t have done it.

“Like all schools, we want to make each section as safe as possible and ensure that pupils – especially young children who do not understand it as well as older children – feel comfortable there.”

He insisted that ‘privacy was not violated’ and had nothing to do with bullying or vaping, saying the 2015 guidance ‘talked about the active supervision of staff and being as comfortable as possible”, which the school tries to achieve.

“Yes, it has become what it was, which may surprise some people,” Bell said.

“But the parents haven’t seen it yet and we think it’s a positive thing for the school going forward.”

He said the school was inclusive for all, had gender-neutral restrooms and other accessible restrooms, and won the Rainbow Flag Award, demonstrating its commitment to supporting inclusion and tackling the bullying that intimidates children. LGBT people.

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