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Patawawa KIA MANAGER FULL FIGHT Video Viral On Twitter & Reddit, Patawawa KIA Wife Video!

Video of the fight with the Kia showroom manager in Pattawawa circulated on the internet. In the video, the manager of the car showroom can be seen getting into a physical altercation with a customer, but the exact cause is unclear. Neither voice nor voice is very clear in the video, making it difficult to draw any conclusions about what caused the altercation. The video is available on TikTok and Twitter, but the identities of the two involved in the fight are not yet known.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Patawawa Kia Manager Full War Video

A team is working together to gather more information about the incident. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries and the altercation was limited to pushing and shoving. The manager of the car showroom can be seen wearing a black suit and the customers in black vests. The customer is also seen in the video looking annoyed. It’s worth noting that it’s not fair to draw any conclusions without knowing the full context of the situation. It’s important to remember that anger management is crucial in this situation.

Patawawa kia wife video

It is always better to remain calm and collected than to get involved in any physical confrontation. It is important to communicate effectively and try to resolve the issue peacefully. Thankfully, no major injuries were sustained. It’s important to remember that anger management is crucial in this situation, as is communicating effectively and trying to resolve the issue peacefully.

Patawawa Kia manager fight video explained

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There has been no clarification from local police departments or showroom management. No action has been taken on any of them, people are just speculating and predicting on the internet. Let’s hope this is sorted out once and for all and none of them have problems in the future. We’ll be back with more updates, then read on for the article on our website.

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