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Pierre Boys Soccer Wins At Harrisburg; Girls’ Winning Streak Snapped – Brospar Daily News

HARRISBURG — Governor Pierre’s men’s soccer team won 2-1 Thursday in Harrisburg after the Tigers snapped Pierre’s three-game winning streak with a 6-1 victory.

Daughters: Harrisburg 6, Peter 1
Hayley Christensen and Jerry Hoffer each scored twice as Harrisburg went undefeated (7-0-1). Abigail Flanagan, Hofer, Christensen and Tyler Halstensen scored in the first 31 minutes to give Harrisburg a 4-0 lead. Ryann Berry scored Pierre’s only goal (5-3).

Boys: Peter 2, Harrisburg 1
Ashton Griese and Devon Flottmeyer scored after 4 minutes as the Governor (5-2-1) kept the victory. Rylan Derry scored two goals. With less than 15 minutes remaining, Max Bates scored for Harrisburg in a penalty shootout.

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