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Police share how to exercise safely outdoors

Woodway, Texas (Fox 44) – The murder of Eliza Fletcher Many people wonder how to stay safe, especially when many enjoy activities like running or walking.

Don’t let a situation like this deter you from running or walking outside, just take steps to protect yourself, said Joshua Barron of Woodway Public Safety.

“This jogger from Memphis really brings a lot of energy to a lot of communities that play the sport,” said jogger Ashley Lee.

Lee jogs or walks about five times a week and always makes sure someone knows where she is and has her phone with her.

“I hate carrying my phone because I have to carry a fanny pack or have an extra pocket or something,” Lee said. “But now I promise my husband that I will always bring my phone, I’m used to it.”

There’s a lot you can do to reduce your own targeting, says Barron, a community resource officer.

First, he says, always run with a partner.

“We have strength in numbers,” Barron said. “So the more people the better and it’s safe for you.”

Also, run during the day.

“I know the heat in Texas can affect you, so people prefer to run at night, but we try to encourage daytime running,” Barron said.

Colonel Barron also said to wear a siren or something for protection, like pepper spray.

“That way if something happens you can turn off the alarm and alert people around you,” Barron said.

When running, dodge traffic so you can see things approaching you and use the sidewalk.

Also, try not to be predicted.

“Being a tough target,” Barron said. “So if you get out of the house every morning, turn left to run, and occasionally get out of the house and turn right. Don’t take the same path every time. It’s a bit more difficult to be exploited.

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