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Portuguese Singer Linda De Suza Cause Of Death, How Did He Die? Age, Funeral & Obituary!

Portuguese singer, author and actress Linda De Suza has died at the age of 74, news of her death has been posted online. After the news of her passing was posted online, many fans and followers poured out heartfelt condolences. Linda reportedly died while in France. In addition to being a singer, Linda is an actress, bestselling author, and Portuguese and French singer. Her death is a great loss in the history of Portuguese music. Stay tuned with us as we detail Linda, her life and the details of her passing.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Who is Linda DeSouza?

Lena was born on the 22ndnd She came from Beringer in Beja in February 1948. Linda left home at a young age to pursue her career and traveled from Portugal to France in the 1970s. She started out in menial jobs there, and later as a singer. In the late 1970s, she started working in the music industry by signing songs and being able to record her own music. Some of her best works that captivated French audiences are Tiroll-Torola, La Fille Qui Pelurait, Un Enfant Peut Fait le monde and LEtrangere. Later Linda also performed solo at the Paris Olympics, which was recognized.

Linda DeSouza Cause of Death

Why and how the singer died was not previously mentioned, but later Linda’s agent mentioned that Linda was taken to a hospital in the Gisors Normandi region of northern France, where the singer died. The agent also revealed that Linda had respiratory complications and eventually passed away due to respiratory failure. Although it is also clear that she tested positive for Covid 19. Linda passed away on Wednesday 28th Linda De Suzaday December 2022 due to her respiratory complications from Covid 19. This is sad news for the Brazilian, French and Portuguese music industries.

How did Linda DeSouza die?

According to one of the reports, Linda was hallucinating, and she was also in a serious mental condition. Although it is also mentioned that the singer also has visions of gods and evil, she once mentioned that there are also forces fighting between evil and evil. One of the reports also mentioned that Linda was transferred to a nursing home earlier this month because of her serious condition and physical complications. Linda also stopped eating throughout the day, which worried her doctor. And one report said Linda was losing weight, getting thinner and frailer by the day.

The singer’s death came as a shock to many, as the singer was hugely popular in many countries. Many of Linda’s fans and followers have mentioned her in their prayers and expressed their heartfelt condolences. Some condolences and tributes are mentioned below, where one Twitter user wrote that she found out about Linda’s death. I still remember her because she was the star of my childhood. Resting star. Although she’s one of the singers who immigrated from one place to another, she has a huge fan base and she’s also vocal about a new future for immigrants.

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