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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Rescue Dog: Beagle From Research Facility

When Keith and Meghan spoke earlier this month, Keith said Meghan said her family felt “settled” in Montecito and wanted to bring another dog into their lives. They talked about the family’s two other rescue dogs (Guy, also a beagle, and Pula, a black Labrador) and a flock of chickens that Meghan rescued from the slaughterhouse. Keith said in the first conversation that she knew Meghan was the “real deal” and was “super excited” about the possibility of her being adopted by their organization.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time and have a strict process for foster and adopters,” Keith said. “I left work [my] So are the intestines. I only know when I meet people. will it work or not. “

Keith said his hunch proved correct when the Duke and Duchess traveled to Los Angeles on August 11 “under the hood and casually” to meet Mia.

“I fell in love with them when they came here,” she said.

She said there was a direct connection between Mia and the Sussexes, and that within seconds of entering the Duchess had taken a “test” for potential adopters of Keith, and she fell to the floor to greet him. dog.

“Mia just ran up to them, something she had never done – she was very restrained, she was traumatized – and Meghan immediately lay down on the floor with her and gave her some love” , said Keith.

As Harry sat down on the sofa, she added, “Mia ran over to him and put her paws on his lap and looked him in the eye.” Keith said Harry had finished it and asked a few questions for him and fellow volunteer Malina Shirley, who brought Mia and her pup from the East Coast to California.

“He asked her about the lump on her chin, if she needed a biopsy, her love, her dislike,” Keith said. “It’s really comforting, it’s all you want [a potential adopter] Ask before you ask. “

Shelly told BuzzFeed News that as soon as Harry and Meghan walked into the house, she knew it was “something special” and “meant to be.” “Mamma Mia is so excited, so happy.”

Keith said the Sussexes spent time alone in the yard with Mia, and when Meghan came home she had the dog in her arms. “That’s it,” Keith said.

The couple were about to leave with Mia after the adoption when Harry stopped as the dog sniffed around the building in the backyard to find out where the rescue dog was.

“He said, ‘We can’t leave yet, there’s something [in there] What she wants, does she have a favorite toy? ‘” Keith said. “He was so adamant about Mamma Mia. [wanted] There’s something about that back room,” Shirley added.

They all entered the building and Mia immediately walked over to a shipping container full of dog toys. “I dug around in the toy box and she dug her little nose in it,” Shirley said. She looked around until she found a fox toy that Shelly had given her on their cross-country trip to California. “She came out and she was so proud of herself,” she said.

Harry was happy, Keith said. “He said, ‘I know, I know she wants something in this room. Now we can go home because she has her toys.

“It’s so sensitive and intuitive,” she says. “At that time, I knew she would have the best home.”

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