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Queen remembered in Commons as MPs gather for tributes – Truss to swear oath to new King

Regular parliamentary business has been canceled as Britain officially enters a 10-day period of mourning. Instead of debating laws and legislative amendments, MPs will gather in the House of Commons this afternoon to pay tribute to the women who have led Britain for the past 70 years.

Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle confirmed last night that memorial services will start at noon today with the House of Representatives open until 10pm.

Exceptionally, MPs will also meet over the weekend and the House of Commons will also meet tomorrow.

The House of Commons’ decision to convene on Saturday was taken last night as a large number of MPs wanted to pay tribute to the late monarch.

The Prime Minister is expected to kick off the debate before Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer shares his memories and thoughts on the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

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The two statements released last night after announcing his death touched on his career in the service.

Speaking in Downing Street, Ms Truss described the Queen as ‘the spirit of Britain’, before adding: ‘Queen Elizabeth II is the cornerstone of modern Britain. Our country grew and grew under his rule.

“Britain is the great country it is today because of her.”

Sir Keir said the nation will “always cherish Queen Elizabeth II’s service and devotion to our country and the Commonwealth; our oldest and greatest monarch”.

Today’s tribute should be less formal and full of anecdotes about his rise to the throne.

Tomorrow’s parliamentary session will open at 2pm, when senior MPs including the Prime Minister and Sir Keir will take the oath of allegiance to the King.

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Each deputy has the option of taking the oath to the king at a later date, but is not obliged to do so.

The House of Commons said in a statement that Saturday’s session would end with a “humble formal address” to the King, “expressing the deep sympathy of the House” following the death of his mother at Balmoral on Thursday.

The House of Lords has also suspended all normal procedures and will meet today and tomorrow for their peers to share their stories about the Queen.

Parliament will not meet again until after the official mourning period and the Queen’s funeral.

Sir Lindsey Hoyle said in a statement last night: “For all of us, the Queen has always been in our lives – familiar as a member of the family, but had a quiet and profound effect on our country. steady influence.

“Most of us were unaware of his absence. His death is not only a tragedy for the royal family, but a terrible loss for all of us.

“During her 70 years on the throne – and even before that, as a teenager, she reassured and rubbed shoulders with children and families devastated by the Second World War – she gave our lives a sense of balance.

“While her reign has changed dramatically around the world, Her Majesty has maintained her unwavering loyalty to the United Kingdom, the British Overseas Territories and the Commonwealth – her moderate authority and her good reasons are felt everywhere.”

He added: “She was always a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother – but she was always our queen and we will miss her immeasurably.”

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