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Rajkumar Thapa Girlfriend ALISHA KHADGI KANDA VIDEO Went Viral!

YouTubers and influencers on the web post large or wide-ranging content, and while there are many content creators on the web, a well-known creator is one who is followed by an audience. Likewise, many people go viral because they receive negative attention or maybe because they get attention in a negative way.One such online content creator, follow our site gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Who is Alisha Khadgi Kanda (Rajkumar Thapa’s Girlfriend), VIDEO Viral, Instagram, Wiki, Biography, Age!

Rajkumar Thapa Gf Alisha Khadgi Kanda Videos

One that has gained a large audience due to negative content is Alisha Khadgi, who has gained a large audience due to her online content. Along with her own Ore content creator is also going viral, so stay tuned until we report the details of this online controversy.Alyssa has gone viral on the internet as she has been embroiled in some controversies lately


Alisha Khadgi Kanda Video Viral

This also made her the center of attention. Recently she went cycling, but fortunately, her video was uploaded and reported. Although there was no problem with the video before, it was criticized more and more later, and it also received support from various audiences.Talking about Alisha, is a content creator who is named along with another creator

Rajkumar Thapa Magar creates content online. After the controversial video went viral, the content creator joined Thapa in asking about it online. Alisha is from Kathmandu and is often asked about her culture and ethnicity, and she also uploads various perspectives from her culture and her surroundings. Almost every vlog of her revolves around her routine and her daily life.

Alisha Khadgi Video Goes Viral!

Who is Rajkumar Thapa Gf Alisha Khadgi Kanda?

She uploads her own Vlogs to her YouTube channel. She was flagged earlier this week for posting a video of her riding a bike, which mentioned that cycling in public is prohibited. In this case, the audience was at a loss, which caused a huge controversy. Creator Alisha had to explain to people and apologize for what she did online.The Metropolitan Police reported her video

She was also asked to mention it. In the video, Alisha is seen riding her bike in restricted areas of the road or where people are technically walking.It was mentioned in one instance that Alisha was riding near a public place where the possibility of hurting people is higher, so Kathmandu traffic police mentioned this on their FB and other social networking sites like Twitter and they received

Rajkumar Thapa Gf Alisha Khadgi Kanda Video Explained

Complaints about creators riding bikes. At the same time the issue was being reported, Alisha also saw on his YouTube cyclist friends being taken away by the police after making complaints. Earlier, Thapa posted a video showing him riding his bike and colliding with other cyclists, causing problems on the road.On the other hand, Alisha and Thapa also posted what actually happened

They also mentioned the reasons for their arrest. Police, on the other hand, prohibit cycling in any area where it may cause harm to pedestrians or local pedestrians. The police mentioned that Tapa should not violate traffic rules in the name of blogging or recording, and at the same time warned him to obey the rules and take appropriate measures when riding a bicycle on the road. This is also a requirement for cyclists on the road.

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