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Rapper NBA YoungBoy Expecting Another Child “Dangerous Love” – Tassco

Rapper NBA YoungBoy says he also has a child who posts via cryptic social media. On Sunday, rapper NBA YoungBoy posted a display of images to his Instagram account in what appeared to give followers coverage of his life. In many shots, a girl’s hand shakes a large diamond ring on her finger and supports a child’s mass. The latest slime artist simply wrote “Dangerous Love” on these images. The photo has followers speculating that he is expecting his ninth child, despite the fact that there is no official confirmation of the diversity of children born to YB.

Although NBA rapper YoungBoy did not identify the woman in the photo, fans believe the mother-to-be is Jazlyn Mychelle. People are also valuing the young rapper with Nick Cannon, who recently announced he is expecting his tenth child, his twins Zion and Zillion’s mother, Abby De La Rosa, due in October. In January 2021, YB invited someone to have a baby with Iyanna Mayweather, the daughter of undefeated fighter Floyd Mayweather. At the time, it was her seventh child. Currently, NBA YoungBoy is said to be the father of children, Kentrell, Kayden, Kacey, Kodi, Kamiri, Amarni, Taylin and Alice. Ideally, the 22-year-old rapper would really like to quit his proposed US tour soon so he can reconnect with his followers and provide some extra income for his family. He has a lot of mouths to deal with.


NBA rapper YoungBoy appears to confirm he’s expecting another baby

NBA YoungBoy reportedly hinted that he was expecting his ninth child after posting a photo of the child’s bump and ring on his Instagram. The 22-year-old sparked the rumors after posting a series of images on his Instagram account, including one that included a child’s fatness and a huge sparkling ring on a girl’s hand. The rapper’s girlfriend is Jazlyn Mychelle, so she appears to be pregnant again after inviting their first child, Alice, in 2021. He captioned the photo count ‘Dangerous Love’, engaging his 10 million followers as he expecting her ninth child. Regardless of the age of 22, YoungBoy has eight children and seven wives and is currently expecting his ninth. NBA YoungBoy has 5 children and 3 wives – Kentrell, Kayden, Kacey, Kodi, Kamiri, Amarni, Taylin and Alice.

Although the rapper didn’t name or tag the woman on the last slide, fans believe it to be his girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle and can’t seem to verify the comments at this time. Others have compared the rapper to American character Nick Cannon, who is now expecting his ninth and tenth children with two completely different women. He and Nick Cannon have a game or something? wrote in the comments section of his Instagram. In 2017, a biological inspection confirmed that NBA YoungBoy was not the father of one of his children, Kamron, the mother of Starr Thigpen, who was born in 2016. In any event, he stated that he “l would rise to his personal status, albeit not biologically related.Neither NBA YoungBoy nor Jazlyn Mychelle has commented on the comments, however, the facts will be revealed at some point in the future.

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