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Rapper The Game Went Viral After Shading 50 Cent During His Concert – SCandleusa › scandleusa

The Recreation and 50 Cent are sticking to their beef, as the latter has only recently eclipsed the latter in his persistent performance. Public exposure is nothing new for rappers, especially their songs and social media posts. Still, the one between 50 Cent and The Recreation was absolutely exhausting. However, what is the fallacy between the two?

Learn more about The Recreation’s shadow 50 Cent ahead of time, and that’s just how effective his recent stint was.

Entertainment and 50 cent beef

The feud between two rappers is not something new in the rap world. As we have come to realize, a lot of these rappers are arguing on social media. Nevertheless, among these rappers, we managed to have 50 Cent and The Recreation. Each of these rappers has a long historical connection between them.

They even have a musical collective that either hates or loves watching their beef. As in the video, they are each seated in the same car, but not in a group. Moreover, there are many situations that make them enemies of each other. Their bitter equation continues to this point.

50 Cent sarcastic rapper The Recreation

Just recently, 50 Cent won an Emmy along with Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Dr. Dre and more at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Although The Recreation is not currently part of Halftime, 50 Cent will most likely dig into rapper The Recreation.

Continuing his longtime entertainment, 50 Cent posted a message on his Instagram with the caption, “I just got an Emmy for a great bowl halftime show. MDR”. Where he had an offended photo of entertainment, he later deleted it anyway and added the caption (* 50 *).

Leisure is reduced by 50 cents thanks to the efficiency of his stay

Without a doubt, All Hobbies and 50 Cent are fighting for their beef on social media. The latter even dug up product sales for the hobby album Drillmatic. And entertainment does not miss any opportunity to reach 50 cents.

Throughout the Houston saga, the residual performance, released only on September 4, has cast a shadow over the 50 cents. In one of the many viral videos, Recreation can be heard saying “He’s a jerk, I’ll say it in Houston, I’ll say it in New York…”. Fans who tried to watch the video already knew that the bickering between the two rappers was too long.

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