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Record number of fans flood streets after UT home game against Alabama

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The streets and sidewalks around DKR Memorial Stadium are filled with traffic of all kinds as more than 105,000 football fans return home or to their next party.

A sea of ​​people, waiting for a long time. Fans ordering carpools dispersed to the farthest streets, without getting stuck in traffic.

Posted by Nate Mattattel near the intersection of Red River Street and Dean Keaton. He said he waited over 20 minutes for his car and for a second driver to pick him up.

“Our last car actually canceled us out, which is why we’re sitting here,” Mattatel said with a laugh.

Near the intersection of Trinity Street and East 15th, tricycles circle the block for passengers. John Purguson, a tricycle driver for five years, said while race days can be lucrative, they also come at a price.

“There’s an opportunity to make more money on game day, but it’s more exhausting,” Puguson said.

The driver said he noticed a worrying pattern of unfriendly drivers on such a heavy traffic day. Injuries are not uncommon for people who ride electric scooters or bicycles, he said.

“I’ve been doing this since 2017, the amount of hostility, the amount of road rage, and scooters and them being hit by cars and stuff. It got really bad,” Puguson said.

Austin County EMS Travis said Saturday more staff will be on standby during games and at night in downtown Austin, anticipating an increase in emergency calls. The agency said it did so because of the large number of tourists in town for the race.

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