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Reena Swayamma Says She Blessed ABBA For ‘This Hell Guitar Riff

The singer revealed that with the help of Elton John, she got the green light from ABBA for “This Hell.”

Release of the second album “Hold The Girl”

Rina Swayma will release her second album Hold the Girl on September 16, featuring the single “This Hell” featuring ABBA “Gimme! Donne-moi! Donne-moi! (The After Midnight Man). In an interview, the singer revealed that she had received the ABBA seal of approval for the song. When she realized the guitar riffs were similar, she said she was “scared” and called her editor. “ABBA wouldn’t tell never, it had to be changed,” she recalls.

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Elton John

In a panic, Swayamma re-recorded the song with a different guitar hook. “But then I thought, ‘You know what? It’s crazy. I believe I can relate to it,” she said. “So I called Elton John and I said, ‘Elton, are you Abba? Do you know Benny or Bjorn?

John’s contact with Universal Music

This hell,” with a handwritten note from Svyama. “I said, ‘Listen, I love your music. I’m happy to split the post. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” she explained, before receiving a stamp of approval from ABBA’s Benny Anderson. “It’s okay. OK, everything went well,” she said.

song,” Swayamma concluded, “ABBA’s Blessings

Swayam announced their upcoming North American tour in July. Beginning Nov. 1 at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, New York, the 13-day race will travel through Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Arizona, followed by a show at Hollywood Los Angeles Palladium.

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