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Russia war: LBC host snaps at caller defending Putin ‘butchering’ children

Ben Kentish looked incredulous as he debated Vladimir Putin’s plans. Ukraine A staunch defender of Russia’s invasion of its neighbors. Appellant Julia of Herne Hill blames West for ignoring Putin’s land claims, says Russian The leader “supports his people” in the ongoing war in Kyiv. AML The presenter, Mr Kentish, slammed his claims, saying he had repeatedly cited war crimes charges as evidence in support of Russia’s actions.

The LBC interlocutor said: “I’m fed up with this anti-Putin rhetoric. Putin defends his people.

“The land was abandoned, I think it was a 2014 treaty and it had NATO on its doorstep.

“Indigenous Russians living in Ukraine have been persecuted for 10 years without any media attention. What is happening is that Putin is on the side of his people.

Although there are no reports or evidence to support his claims, Putin cited the harassment and abuse of native Russians living in Ukraine as one of the main reasons for his invasion.

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She added: “But I think it’s absolutely shameful and it’s time for politicians to consider the interests of their own people. Every politician wants a war.

The radio host replied, “Can I ask you a question? How does Vladimir Putin serve our people by annexing as much Ukrainian territory as he sees fit?

“He decides to kill as many Ukrainians as he wants?

The two clashed for more than four minutes, with Julia refusing to explain why she believed Vladimir Putin’s propaganda and claims, despite previous instances of the Russian leader breaking his word.

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