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S. 1941, S. 2159, S. 3510, S. 3655

On Monday, December 5, 2022, the President promulgated the law:

S. 1941, the Metropolitan Areas Preservation and Standardization Act of 2021 or the MAPS Act of 2021, ensures the independence and integrity of the basic statistical area divisions of the Office of Management and Budget ( OMB), requiring OMB to report changes to this scientific data. and demand transparency in the use of central statistical zoning in domestic assistance programs;

Thank you to Senators Peters, Portman, Moran and many others for their leadership.

S. 2159, designating the VA Community Outpatient Clinic at 400 College Drive, Middleburg, Florida, as Andrew Baker VA Clinic;

Thank you to Senators Rubio and Rick Scott, Rep. Cammack and the entire Florida delegation for their leadership.

S. 3510, the Disaster Recovery Planning Act, requires the Office of Management and Budget to develop guidelines requiring federal agencies to incorporate resilience to natural disasters into real estate asset management and investment decisions. investment ; and

Thank you to Senators Gary Peters and Rick Scott, Representatives Carter, Garret Graves, Blunt Rochester, Sanford Bishop and Kind, and management on behalf of Norton and many others.

S.3655, “Civil Rights Cold Case Investigative Support Act of 2022”, extends the term of the Civil Rights Cold Case Records Review Board (the “Review Board”) until January 8, 2026, with the possibility of extending the review if The Council has not yet completed its work. The powers of the council will be increased for one year.

Thank you to Vice President Harris, Senators Ossoff, Cruz, Peters, Carper and Hassan, Representatives Rush, Watson Coleman, Fitzpatrick, Bacon and Nikema Williams, and Representative Norton and many others for their leadership.

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