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SEA WORLD HELICOPTER Crash Video Viral On Twitter & Reddit, Four People Dead!

Recently we received information about a video that caused a lot of controversy and got a lot of attention, so you might be wondering what we’re talking about, so we’re talking about a video related to the SeaWorld helicopter crash that has gone viral on social media leaked on the platform, so make sure you keep reading this post for the whole thing as well as crash videos and details.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

SeaWorld Helicopter Crash Video

This has something to do with the helicopter crash video on the gold coast that talks about the number of people involved in the crash so four people were killed there because two helicopters collided together in the middle of the year and this particular one happened in australia The situation on the Gold Coast is pretty dire.

SeaWorld helicopter crash explained

As of now the investigation is ongoing and Queensland Police have been working in the preliminary stages and they want to show that the crash happened when the plane landed and talk about the dead being on the same helicopter and talk about three other people so at the moment they are in hospital , the condition is unstable.

Four killed in SeaWorld helicopter crash

Based on information and sources we have received, two British citizens have died in this plane crash and officials have been supporting their families as we know this is our time for them The identities of those who breathed their last were not revealed, But we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

Six occupants had to deal with some minor injuries and now that the Prime Minister has come up and spoken of the shocking incident which he has been sending his deep condolences and sympathies to all those affected, a team from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau has now been working on Investigating the collision which occurred around 2:00 pm

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