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Shia LaBeouf Converted To Catholicism After Battling Suicidal Ideation – tonews.xyz

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Image credit: David Swanson/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Shia Labeouf Almost committed suicide while preparing to play an Italian priest Francesco Forgione – also known as Father Pio – For upcoming biopics Father Pio“I had a gun on my desk. I walked out of here,” the 36-year-old actor revealed to Bishop Robert Baron In a nearly 90-minute video shared on YouTube on Aug. 25. A shame like I’ve never known before – the kind of shame you forget to breathe. You don’t know where to go. You can’t go out for tacos. He added that his guilt stemmed from hurting “a lot of people”, although he did not specify how he did it.

Shia Labeouf
Shia LaBeouf opens up about her suicidal thoughts in a lengthy interview (Photo: Courtesy of YouTube)

This dear boy The actor has had many ups and downs in his life over the past few years, including legal setbacks such as misdemeanor battery and petty theft, and his arrest for public drunkenness, each Page 6. Also, in 2020, his ex-girlfriend FKA Subsidiaries Sue him for physical, emotional and spiritual abuse during their year-long relationship. At first, Shia seemed to apologize for her actions. “I have no right to tell anyone how my actions make them feel. I have no excuses for my drinking or aggression, only rationalizations. I abused myself and I abused everyone around me for years,” he said. New York Times Shortly after FKA submits its application. “I have a habit of hurting the people closest to me. I’m ashamed of this story and I’m sorry for those I hurt. I really have nothing to say.” The following year, however, he filed court documents, denying “any and all charges” made by the actress.

to prepare Abel FerraraIn the film, Shia decides to stay at the Franciscan Capuchin Seminary in San Lorenzo, California, where he lives out of his car. His studies there inspired him to embrace Catholicism, especially after learning about forgiveness and feeling that he too deserved another chance. “Seeing other people who have committed sins that I can’t imagine being found in Christ also made me think, ‘Oh, this gives me hope,'” he recalled. “I’m starting to hear about the experiences of other deceased people who have managed to come to terms with it, and I feel like I’m getting permission.”

Shia Labeouf
Shia LaBeouf says finding God saved her life (Photo: DAVID SWANSON/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

He also confirmed that while he originally only came to the monastery to help with his duties, he felt his conversion to Catholicism was meant to take place. “I now know that God is using my ego to draw me to himself and away from worldly desires,” the former child star noted. “Everything happens at the same time. But if I don’t think ‘Oh, I’m going to save my career’, I don’t have the motivation to get in the car and drive.”

He added: “When I came here there was a transformation. It was like a three card mount. It was like someone cheated on me, and it felt like. Not bad. In a way I couldn’t see. I was far from that. It was so close that I couldn’t see it. Now that the time has passed, I see it differently.

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