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Shooting At Arondizuogu, Couple Ifeoma Gloria & Eremezia Tochukwu Martin Killed, What Happened?

In this article, we update our readers on a shocking incident that has gotten a lot of attention so it is related to a shooting where we can see a couple killed by a gunman in Aron Di Zogu The gunman shot dead. Let us know and try to read this post till the end as we are here to update you on how the couple died in the shooting that took place a week before Imo’s wedding. When the groom’s brother knew about it, he drove to the scene immediately.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

shooting at alon di zogu

This particular incident happened on Wednesday, said to be a week before their wedding, and unfortunately, according to the source, the sad news came that the intended couple had been shot, but the person has yet to be identified. Mba Ifeoma Gloria and Eremzie Tochukwu Martin are said to be engaged, with a wedding planned for January 2023.

Ifeoma Gloria and Eremezia Tochukwu Martin were killed

The family was devastated when they learned the couple had been targeted by the unknown shooter. The motive has not been revealed, but residents who live nearby say they were in the groom’s brother’s tricycle On January 11, everyone on the tricycle was killed.

What happened to Ifeoma Gloria and Eremezia Tochukwu Martin?

The police are investigating the whole incident, but the motive for the shooting is still unknown at the school, it was said that this was a very brutal case, and it turned out like this, but this is just a hypothesis, she may or may not be responsible.

People are starting to hit the roads due to the increasing violence and we saw huge numbers on the roads on Wednesday due to these ongoing killings and kidnappings that have been affecting society in negative ways and it is with sadness that we announce the passing of the couple , Our deepest condolences and sympathies to the family, may their souls rest in peace.

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