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Shooting At Colorado Jehovah’s Witnesses Hall, 2 Killed In Shooting, Who Is The Suspect?

Thornton, Colorado. Police added they were concerned about a shooting in the Thornton, Colorado area. According to reports, the shooting happened this Christmas, and casualties were reported. The incident happened in the blink of an eye on Christmas Day, with people horrified to see criminal activity happening around them. The police also revealed that they are investigating the case and will solve it soon. Beyond that, witnesses are also giving their statements. Stay tuned for our coverage of events in Thornton, Colorado.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Filmed at the Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Colorado

According to reports and a police statement, the incident occurred on Christmas Day after police reported a shooting at the Lord’s Kingdom Hall in Thornton, Colorado, and police began investigating the case. Police later concluded that residents of Colorado or Thornton were not in danger because there was no shooter there. Sadly, police found the bodies of a man and a woman. While one was shot from the front, the other was shot from the side of the head. Police started looking for witnesses, they found one, and there were reports that they were taking depositions.

2 killed in shooting at Jehovah’s Witnesses auditorium in Colorado

The two men, or a man and a woman, were a married couple who shot themselves, police said. Police later clarified that the man in the coupe shot the woman before shooting himself on the day of the incident. Although the police did not name the deceased couple, they revealed that the couple was a member of the Kingdom Hall congregation. During the course of the investigation, police conducted extensive patrols at the scene of the incident while they were investigating. Police released a statement online saying the shooting happened around 9 a.m. on Christmas Day.

Who is the suspect?

Police confirmed that the Adams coroner had identified the two victims. They also mentioned that the county sheriff’s department is currently investigating the case and they found certain evidence at the crime scene. At the same time, they also mentioned that there are eyewitnesses in this case, and they are gathering testimony from these witnesses. Witnesses were part of their investigation, they added. Police did not release the names of the dead or witnesses, nor did they mention them. Police later confirmed that residents of the area were not threatened as the shooting was targeted.

Police mentioned they found hazardous materials and incendiary devices which they did not clarify. Although there is no mention of which devices were found at the crime scene. In this investigation, police did not refer to evidence gathered for security and investigative purposes. The police explicitly added that more information will be disclosed by the police themselves after the investigation is completed, and they will also clarify the evidence found later.

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