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Shooting At Mall Of America Today, A 19-Year-Old Killed, Who Is The Suspect?

The alleged shooting took place at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, where a large number of people went for Christmas shopping. Police added that they heard gunshots from one floor of the mall, which they had to cordon off pending investigation. The shoppers hid in the shops of the shopping mall for protection, hiding far away. Police added that there were also fatalities inside the mall as a result of the shooting. The police are on their way to catch criminals. Stay tuned for our coverage of the Mall of America shooting and its casualties.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Filmed at the Mall of America today

Bloomington police said Friday that a shooting had occurred at the shopping mall, with casualties reported. While seeing shoppers inside the mall running for their lives. Police added that the shooting occurred around 7:50 p.m. Friday when two groups got into an argument. This bickering and altercation led to physical altercations and then ultimately shootings. This happened two days before Christmas and there were a lot of people in the mall. Police also said the mall was cordoned off and people were evacuated after officers took control of the situation.

19-year-old killed in Mall of America shooting

The altercation led to the shooting, police said, though they also mentioned that no suspects have been arrested and that they are investigating the case. In addition to this, the police also mentioned that they will conduct a thorough investigation and the mall will be closed until 10am on Saturday. Police also mentioned that a 19-year-old teenager was shot multiple times inside the mall, resulting in his death at the scene. Officials also mentioned that the shooting involved 5-9 people and 16 police officers who were in the mall when they heard the shots.

Who is the suspect?

CCTV footage showed how people ducked into shops in the mall to save their lives as police arrived. Police have not released the identity of the deceased. Chief Hodges said at a meeting that they will soon catch the criminal from this scene. At the same time, he also directly said to the criminal that this is stupid behavior and the criminal will be arrested soon. No arrests have been made so far as the investigation is ongoing. The video also showed how people ran for their lives, with a bystander also grazed by bullets, while others took cover and heard gunshots.

The lockdown inside the mall was the second time this year, yes, there were two lockdowns in the mall after the shooting this year. The shooting in early August occurred in front of a Nike store. And the one that’s happening now is in front of a Nordstrom store. Police also mentioned that earlier there were no metal detectors in the mall, but the team installed one at the east entrance of the mall. Constable Hodges added that he sympathized with the family of the deceased teen and he knew they were suffering. He mentioned that something like this should not have happened to this young man.

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