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Shooting At Riley Park In Des Moines Killed Danielle Remily & Emma Parker, What Happened? Suspect Name!

Officials reported earlier this week that they found two women dead after a shooting at a property in Des Moines. While a shooting has been reported, police are investigating many of the victims of the shooting because they are not yet known. Police have since identified the two women who were found dead in the Merle Hay community home and now they have provided some more important information about the shooting that took place earlier this week, so stay tuned as we detail more about this The matter is also related to the identity of the victim.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Filmed at Riley Park in Des Moines

Police now say the two people found dead and unconscious at the house in the Des Moien region have been identified as a mother and daughter. The mother and daughter have been identified as Emma Parker, 20, and Danielle Remilly, 47. The shooting happened at 2600day 53 piecesroad Street and mother and daughter were found dead in their house. The shooting was reported and police investigated the case for a day or two. Although it has now been revealed that in this case the shooter may have been the daughter’s boyfriend who also died.

Danielle Remily and Emma Parker killed in Des Moines shooting

The police mentioned that the culprit in this case was the boyfriend of daughter Emma. Emma’s boyfriend, who was not identified, was found injured, according to the police report. Police also added that the suspect was also located near Riley Park with gunshots to his body. When he was shot, he called the police and asked for paramedics to treat him. He also mentioned that he was shot as a result of shooting himself in order to end his own life. Police also said the suspect was in a critical condition when he sought medical help on Monday.

Who is the suspect?

While providing the full report, police added that they received a call on Monday, adding that neighbors in the area reported hearing gunshots upon arrival and that they saw the two women dead. They also added that the suspect was none other than Emma’s boyfriend who shot and killed the two women. Police mentioned Amy as the suspect’s ex-girlfriend. On the day of the incident, the 22-year-old suspect forced his way into the victim’s home and shot the mother and daughter. On the other hand, he walks into the park and commits suicide, which ends in failure.

Police added that they received a call about a shooting at around 3 a.m. and that the women were dead when they arrived.They also mentioned that the pair were pronounced dead at the scene, adding that the case of Amy and her mother was the 19thday and 20day There was one homicide this year in Des Moines where they were shot and killed. The police also mentioned that this case may be Lowa’s domestic violence.

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