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Shooting In Fort Lee New Jersey Today, What Happened? Who Is The Suspect?

In Fort Lee, New Jersey, police said there was a shooting in an area of ​​the Fort Lee, New Jersey area. As police said, locals called police about the shooting in the area. Although police later mentioned that the shooting that occurred was not threatening, it was purely a mission officers were performing. The statement reassured locals, who were also relieved when police began investigating the case.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Filmed today in Fort Lee, NJ

Police said they are currently investigating the case and will report it to police soon. Stay tuned for our detailed introduction to this case. According to police, the shooting was carried out as part of an ongoing operation in a drug case, and they also mentioned that investigators were the ones who fired the shots. There were no threats to residents or locals in the area, police added, while they cordoned off the entire area where the shooting took place.

The area will remain closed until the investigation is complete and officials find all evidence. Speaking of the area, the shooting happened around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at the intersection of Palisade Avenue and Whiteman Streets, 10day January 2023, police said. Seeing that the area was cordoned off, there was a car with several bullets on the windshield, and there was also a lot of gunfire on the street as well as an area restricted by the police, who collected bullets scattered on the street.

What happened in Fort Lee, NJ today?

As previously mentioned, it was mentioned that the ongoing investigation in the area led to the shooting. Although police did mention that the shooting was due to an ongoing drug investigation into the shooting. It is reported that two agents were involved in the shooting, one of whom had a hot leg and was transferred to Hackensack University Medical Center. The two are currently in stable condition and have not been injured.

Who is the suspect?

Speaking of residents and people in the community, they were shocked and scared when they heard the gunshots. A shopkeeper in the area named Tom mentioned he heard gunshots and police quickly brought the situation under control. He also added that he had a gun in his store so he picked it up just in case and looked outside but everything was under control.

A jeweler in the area mentioned that he was wrapping up his work with a client when he heard the police coming and said the situation was fully under control. Police gave no details other than the officer’s involvement in the shooting. Although the police mentioned that there was a shooting, they investigated, but there is still fear because of the recent shootings in the United States.

On the other hand, the police will lift restrictions on the area as soon as possible after clearing the scene and collecting all the evidence in the area. Police will release further information from the investigation if they deem it necessary, as the investigation is being conducted privately.

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