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Simon Thomas announces his wife Derrina Jebb is pregnant with their first child » tonews.xyz

Simon Thomas has said his wife Derena Jeb is pregnant with their first child.

Five years later, the 49-year-old Sky Sports event host joins his wife Gemma In 2017, three days after being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, the blood had the most cancer.

Simon, who shared a photo of his wife’s ultrasound on Saturday, announced with complete satisfaction that he could add a sweetie to Instagram to add her to his family.

Comfort info: Simon Thomas presents his wife Derena Jeb pregnant with their first child

Simon wrote: “Fourteen months ago now @chrissayburn and @brittanysipling sang this amazing blessing music for us.

“There’s another small blessing for his closeness…!”

Meanwhile, he shared a video that included clips from the day before their wedding, before their palms slowly revealed the scans.

Lovely: Simon posted a sweet Instagram post on Saturday in which he happily announced that he was expanding his family by sharing a photo of his wife's ultrasound

Lovely: Simon posted a sweet Instagram post on Saturday in which he happily announced that he was expanding his family by sharing a photo of his wife's ultrasound

Cute: Simon announced he could add to his family with a candy Instagram post on Saturday when he shared a photo of his wife’s ultrasound

He also shared a heartwarming collage of photos from his life with Derrina, as well as photos of the smiling couple with their 12-year-old son, Ethan, which he shared with Gemma.

TV hosts Dan Walker, Vernon Kay and Jenny Falconer praised him for the post.

Two years after Gemma’s death, Simon discovered his love for Drina, so they married at Norwich Cathedral in July 2021.

Tragedy: The Sky Sports presenter, 49, lost his wife Gemma to blood cancer in 2017, three days after he was diagnosed with adult acute myeloid leukemia (both pictured with Ethan)

Tragedy: The Sky Sports presenter, 49, lost his wife Gemma to blood cancer in 2017, three days after he was diagnosed with adult acute myeloid leukemia (both pictured with Ethan)

Tragedy: Sky Sports event host, 49, was confirmed to have adult acute myeloid leukemia just three days after mistaking his wife Gemma (each pictured with Ethan) to have most cancers in 2017

The former Blue Peter presenter shared a photo of himself wanting to be delighted on his wedding day as he walked down the aisle with a graceful bride before a crowd of well-wishers cheered.

The Norfolk-born only child, who mistook his first wife Gemma for leukemia in late 2017, captioned the heartwarming photo, which he simply wrote: “Love. Won.

A group of Simon’s TV presenter pals and former Blue Peter and CBBC presenters attended the big day for the completely satisfied couple.

Simon, who has often spoken candidly about the tragic death of his late wife, mentioned last month that his new wife, Drena, struggled with “guilt” on the anniversary of Gemma’s death.

On Kate Ferdinand’s Joint Podcast, he mentioned he thought the anniversary of his first wife’s death was just a “time marker”.

However, for Ethan Simon shared with Gemma, Drena felt the family should do more to enjoy their lives.

Simon mentioned, “I think you guys are a little guilty in general, especially birthday parties. I’m very happy with birthdays because I don’t think about them too much.

“I feel like once you have the first 12 months of a loss, those firsts are huge, every first is a hurdle to overcome, but over time it gets easier.

“I’m not the kind of person who needs to do something really important on a birthday. For me, these are just time markers. However, from Ethan’s perspective, it’s a ‘would you do a thing? ? “.

Simon defines that while Derrina is usually eager to mark the anniversary, Ethan usually prefers a low-key day, possibly sending a “balloon with some kind of message” rather than a big occasion.

“I think in general she felt we should have done more because you feel guilty, maybe we’re not doing enough, and I tried to reassure Derrina that everything was okay. good.”

Derrina admitted to taking charge of her new husband’s grief, insisting she was more emotional than Simon and Ethan on Gemma’s last two birthdays, despite never seeing her.

“You really feel this real guilt, I really really feel especially the last two [anniversaries] I’m probably more emotional than you two [Simon and Ethan]she mentioned.

“It’s stupid because I don’t know Gemma, but you address other people’s feelings in wider circles.

“I think there’s a bit of sensitivity, but also empathy in just thinking, ‘This is awful. I deal positively with the misfortune and loss of different people, and I am positively emotional.

When she opened up to Gemma to assess herself, she became emotional, admitting that “the little voice in her head” usually told her “Gemma would do better”.

“As a woman, you know very well how the problem arises, there was never any mention of ‘Mom would have done this, or Gemma would have done this’, it was never mentioned.

“But in your head, that little postman on your shoulder is saying, ‘She’s going to do better and make the birthday really good, or Christmas really good,’ and once you’re in that situation, you’ll realize that.”

Simon’s late wife, Gemma Thomas, tragically died in November 2017, 12 months after she was sent home by her GP to relax her mattress after experiencing three flu-like symptoms.

The TV character celebrated his birthday in May 2020, thanking his girlfriend Derena for making him “happier than he ever imagined.”

Simon shared a black-and-white photo of Derrina, mentioning that he’s “falling in love” and that he and his son have been “blessed” in their lives by Derrina, who he reportedly started a relationship with in 2018’s group.

He shared the photo on his Instagram account, writing, “It’s a very comfortable birthday for this very, very special woman. I can’t describe exactly what this woman has done to my life. What a change.

“She loves me when I find it hard to love her, she loves me when I’m messy, she’s by my side when there’s an easier way to go and makes me happier than I never could have imagined, I will probably be again.

He added: “Generally people don’t always see that. The problem is said to prefer his firmness to protect the boys or to be there to look after them. However, Derrina is not some kind of caregiver – she. She’s the woman I’m deeply in love with.

“My life and my son’s life have been greatly blessed by her, he or she deserves all the love on earth because she is a whole person. Warm birthday @derrina xxxx (I know she doesn’t is not a PDA fan).

Simon and Gemma got married in 2005, 12 years before Gemma died three days after being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

The former sports presenter first opened up about his new relationship during a chat with BBC Radio 5 Reside in November 2018 – although he didn’t reveal Derrina’s identity at the time – and said said it was “incredible” for him. to help”.

The father admitted he was likely to fall in love, but mentioned Gemma may never be replaced, saying: “I’m well aware that he’s someone I didn’t know before and have known for a while. the first few weeks and a few moons.

“She had this empathy for me from the start. She is also a Christian, which is necessary for me as a religious person.

“She was an incredible help to me. She’s the one who decides the phone all the time. I noticed it in her, I noticed it in Gemma. When she mentioned my phone was still on, she meant it.

The former Blue Peter host, who describes himself as a “religious person,” reportedly met Drina at his church.

Derrina is the daughter of a church pastor and currently works in the licensing industry.

Supply: | Dailymail.co.uk

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