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Southern New Englanders share concerns following Eliza Fletcher’s death

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (WLNE) — Rhode Island runners are nervous after the tragic death of Memphis teacher Eliza Fletcher.

Police say Fletcher was kidnapped and murdered while running last week.
“It’s heartbreaking to think about the impact this could have on the running community itself and on people,” said FIT Challenge owner and runner Robb McCoy. “People must be terrified of it.”
“It irritates me because I care so much about women’s safety and women are not victims,” ​​said Christina Rondeau, owner and down-to-earth self-defense coach at Rondeau Taekwondo in Johnston, Rhode Island.
The story made national headlines, and many Rhode Islanders we interviewed said they were usually on their own, but are now reconsidering.
Moreover, these dangers are not only present in urban areas. It can happen to anyone, anywhere.
“It always reminded us that we really have to pay attention to what’s going on around us and that no one is immune to violence,” Rondo said.
Rondo, who owns a kickboxing studio, said it’s important to know how to give yourself a fighting chance.
“You don’t want to live in fear, but it’s really important to realize that you need to know that you have seconds to react,” she said.
Local safety experts echoed the claims, saying vigilance should be exercised regardless of the environment or time of day.
“Whether it’s day or night, it doesn’t matter, we need to recognize who might be a threat,” said Todd McGhee, law enforcement and security analyst.
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