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Spain Park Defeated In Heated Hoover Matchup – Shelby County Reporter & More News Headlines

Spanish Parks defeated in fierce showdown with Hoover

Published on Saturday September 3, 2022 at 00:09

Lauren Sexton | Sports journalist

Vacuum- The weather at Hoover’s encounter wasn’t the only reason for a heated Friday night at Spanish Park against Hoover. Tensions reached an all-time high as players from both teams clashed in the first and last quarters of the game. Aside from a few sets of falls between the two teams, most of the match was played on the pitch. The Jaguars had an uphill battle against their Crosstown rivals, however, an interception, recovery kickoff and last-minute attempt could still prevent the Jaguars from losing to the Buccaneers. In week three of the season, Spanish Parks lost to Hoover 24-10.

Hoover High got off to a strong start in the first quarter as their 58-yard drive led to Buc’s first touchdown with 8 minutes left in the first quarter. Espanyol Park stopped Hoover’s second and final training with two minutes left. However, Hoover hit a field goal from 20 yards to add three points to the scoreboard.

Trailing 10 early in the second quarter, Spain Park’s 89-yard run led to the Jaguars’ Alex Llyod entering from the 40-yard line. Now 10-3 from just seven points, Spaniard Park cuts Hoover’s next tee shot in junior, Jamal Mosley intercepts Booker’s Ball.

I saw the ball, it came to my mind and I tried to bring it back to the cradle, and it happened,” Mosley said of his second-quarter interception. “There was a lot of emotion.”

Now the first and 10th on the Bucs 14-yard line, Spanish Parks has its first and only touchdown of the night with 4 minutes left in the first half. Evan Smallwood passes to Jonathan Bibbs for 13 yards.

Back in the middle, things are only going to heat up. With Hoover hitting a touchdown with 50 seconds left in the first half, the score is now 17-10. Towards the end of the third quarter, the Spanish Parks defense clawed the ball back from Hoover shortly after kickoff, but it still wasn’t enough to get the touchdown the Jaguars needed. Hoover scored on the last touchdown of the night and the Jaguars tried to add seven more points to the scoreboard, but were unsuccessful in the final minute of the game.

The Buccaneers beat the Jaguars 24-10 in an extremely close game in week three of the season. Seniors Alex “AJ” Smith and Caldwell Busey each had four tackles in the Jaguars’ game against the Buccaneers at the Hoover Mets.

“We are going to see our children fight. They’re giving it their all and we’re going to learn how to win,” Spanish Parks head coach Tim Vacax said of the Jaguars’ game against Hoover. “We have to clean up a lot and find a way not to lose games. We have to learn how to win games but we are proud of our players

The Jaguars are now 1-2 going into week four of the season. Next week, Spanish Park travel to Alabaster, where they will face the Thompson Warriors.

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