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Steve And Wendy Hawkins Cause Of Death Revealed, How Did Couple Die On The Same Day?

In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a loving couple who lived together with their children died on the same day. The family members of the couple mentioned that the couple had been fighting the disease for a long time and were also receiving treatment. The couple died on the same day, just an hour apart. The couple garnered a lot of attention and shocked many.Stay tuned for details on our coverage of this South Dakota couple who follow our website from SD gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Steve and Wendy Hawkins Cause of Death

Yankton County EMS posted on their social media pages that the couple had passed away after battling illness. It is clearly mentioned that the couple both had different journeys due to the illness, from which they passed away. Although it is mentioned again that the couple died only a few hours apart. Steven Hawkins, 58, the husband of the deceased couple, had suffered from cancer for five years. According to reports, Steven died in hospital on Friday.

How did Steve and Wendy Hawkins die on the same day?

Steven’s wife died at the same time, just hours after they left this world. Steven’s wife, identified as Wendy, 52, has also battled cancer and suffered short-term illnesses. Wendy and Steven were reported to be in hospital when they died, and the couple’s passing has left many in shock. The couple’s family mentioned that the difference between the deaths of the two relatives was only 12 hours. The couple leaves behind three children in their twenties who are now without parents.

What happened to Steve and Wendy Hawkins?

The medical department mentioned that both Wendy and Steven died in different places and were in serious condition. It was also mentioned that a go fund page was set up in the names of Steven and Wendy to pay for the funeral expenses of the parents to help their children. The pair battled cancer fiercely while spending time with their families. Wendy and Steven’s three children, identified as Brad, Mandi and Trent, are all in their twenties.

Wendy is said to be a housewife who used to live in her house. Although Steven is an employee of Yankton County EMS, he has been there since 2009 as an administrator. YC EMS also mentions his earlier work as a paramedic in Cody, Yellowstone and National Parks. It is said that the memorial service will be held near the beginning of spring, and the funeral expenses originally planned to be 10,000 US dollars have now raised more than 9,000 US dollars.

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