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Stray Kids Releases “MAXIDENT” Trailer and Confirm 2022 Comeback – SCandleusa › scandleusa

Popular boy band Stray Children are planning to return with their new album “Maxident”. The watch trailer has been aptly shared on social media and fans are excited to have the band on board soon. The group will have success in October of the 12 months. Because they have already initiated a release date for his next sighting.

Learn more about the arrival of Stray Children and their new watch, Maxident, ahead of time.

Stray Kids Drop Trailer for Model Spanking New Observer

Since its inception in 2018, Stray Children has spread widely among its subscribers. The boy group deservedly gave very good performances and songs. Yet their followers missed the group for a long time. Still, now they’re excited, as the boy band hinted when their followers might get them back.

Not too long ago, Stray Children released a trailer for their new look, and it’s already kicking off when subscribers can once again watch their masterpiece. It’s very positive that the boy band is ready to launch their new group and we bought the release date.

The street children arrive quickly with their new observation ‘Maxident’

Boy band Stray Children picked up their new Observer trailer here at midnight on September 6. Among the announcements regarding the release and timing of the new model is correct. Not to be overlooked, the band only bought it here for 12 months with their mini-album “ODDINARY”. The title monitor is “MANIAC”.

But now, to release the album released in March, MAXIDENT is all the fans are preparing for. In the two-minute video trailer, he or she is about to observe. You can see that the group members are doing various things in many cities. Although people can’t figure out what the sighting through the trailer will be like. Still, fans are counting on one of their very good factors.

JUNG YEON-JE/​AFP Used by Getty Pictures

MAXIDENT will be launched in October

Released according to the latest MAXIDENT trailer. We want the observers to arrive in October. Because we were able to have it on October 7 of the 12 months. The time to end the observation discharge is 1:00 p.m. KST.

Moreover, with the upcoming sighting, fans of the boy group also have high expectations. Because the group has correctly released some of its hits so far. So this time fans would expect something completely different and better.

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