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Sunderland fans will love new reveal saluted by finance guru

Sunderland supporters would be delighted if Sky Sports permanently extended their matchday coverage – and the cost to individual clubs would likely be negligible.

That’s the view of financial expert, Dr. Dan Plumley, who specializes in soccer insider Regarding last Sunday’s game (December 4) between Wycombe Wanderers and Portsmouth.

like Englishthe Ligue 1 clash that beat the home side 2-0 was Sky’s first ‘all regions game’.

Viewers received enhanced coverage, including stadium audio, dressing room footage, exclusive interviews and more.

It has been suggested that Sky view the dispute as a trial to roll out Enhanced Access as standard in the future.

Sunderland are the subject of three series of the critically acclaimed Netflix documentary Sunderland Until I Die, and are no strangers to having their every move behind the scenes caught on camera.

Plumley insists that loyal Stadium of Light fans will be eager to see Sky’s All Access format introduced permanently to the EFL.

“From the outside, I think it’s good to know as much as possible about the fans,” Experts from Sheffield Hallam University said soccer insider Adam Williams.

“If you can strengthen the bond between the players and the fans, that would be a real plus. I know you don’t want to divulge trade secrets, but I think you can.

“Financially, it depends on whether the club will pay extra for it. If the broadcaster spends more, should they pass it on to the club or via a subscription?

“It could hurt Sky’s margins, but the flip side is that it makes for a better product overall.

“In the grand scheme of things, the numbers are going to be relatively low anyway. But I think most fans are going to love it.

In other news, Sunderland have moved for Aston Villa star Cameron Archer.

As Rangers footage emerges, insider suggests major Michael Beal transfer decision

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