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Suspect Damien Sanderson Found Dead While Brother Remains At Large & More News Headlines


10 dead and 18 injured in mass stabbings across Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan stabbing suspect Damien Sanderson has died but his brother Myles is still at large and may be injured and seek medical help, police say.

Both men were named by police in connection with the violence which left 10 people dead and another 18 wounded in a stabbing spree across 13 locations throughout the province of Saskatchewan, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Damien Sanderson’s wounds did not appear to be self-inflicted, according to RCMP.

“It is horrific what has happened in our province today,” RCMP Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said in a press conference on Sunday.

Police said the victims were a mix of those chosen at random and some specifically targeted.

Damien and Myles Sanderson were driving a black Nissan Rogue with the Saskatchewan license plate 119 MPI.

In a Monday morning update, police chief Evan Bray said that officers are “confident” that someone out there knows the whereabouts of the two suspects, and made a plea for them to come forward with any relevant information.

“We will not stop this investigation until we have those two safely in custody,” he said in a Twitter address.

Residents of village Weldon in Saskatchewan identified 77-year-old Wes Petterson among the victims, while Lana Head, a mother of two, was identified as another one of the victims by her former partner.


Police charge both men and issue arrest warrant as injury total rises to 18

ICYMI: The RCMP in Saskatchewan sent out another public safety alert to the province on Monday morning, noting that the two suspects wanted had now been issued arrest warrants.

“Myles Sanderson is charged with: three counts, first degree murder, Section 235(1), Criminal Code; one count, attempted murder, Section 239(b), Criminal Code; and one count, break and enter – residence, Section 348(1)(b), Criminal Code,” tweeted CBC reported Sam Maciag in an update on Monday.

“Damien Sanderson is charged with: one count, first degree murder, Section 235(1), Criminal Code; one count, attempted murder, Section 239(b), Criminal Code; and one count, break and enter – residence, Section 348(1)(b), Criminal Code,” Maciag added in a follow-up to the thread.

The number of victims injured in the spate has risen to 18, the reporter added.


Manhunt suspect was listed as ‘unlawfully at large in May, officials report

ICYMI: One of the suspects wanted in connection with the deadly spate of stabbing attacks carried out on James Smith Cree Nation on Sunday morning had reportedly been previously known to law enforcement agencies, Reuters reported.

Myles Sanderson, 30, who is described as 6ft and 1in tall weighing approximately 240lbs with brown hair and brown eyes, was said to have been listed as “unlawfully at large” by Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers back in May.

Myles Sanderson, 30, is one of two suspects wanted in connection with a series of deadly stabbings that were carried out at 13 different sites in and around James Smith Cree Nation in northern Saskatchewan on Sunday

(Regina Police Department)

The program is designed to work as an intermediary between the police and the public in an effort to find wanted persons.

No further details about why he was wanted were released by Crime Stoppers.


Veteran identified as victim in deadly Saskatchewan stabbing

ICYMI: The Saskatchewan First Nations Veterans Association (SFNVA) confirmed on Facebook that one of their veterans, Earl Jones, was one of the victims killed in the brutal attacks carried out in two northern Saskatchewan communities on Sunday.

“The SFNVA is sending out our most sincere condolences to the Burns Family on the loss of our Veteran late Earl Burns,” the group wrote, noting that Burns had been a member of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.

“We would also send our thoughts and prayers to the community of James Smith and to the families of those affected. It is unknown at this time when we will know the details for funeral services. When the family advises us we will keep the page updated.”

Earl Burns, one of the victims killed in Sunday’s stabbing attack in Saskatchewan, was identified by the Saskatchewan First Nations Veterans Association as being a veteran who served with Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in the Canadian Armed Forces

(Facebook/Saskatchewan First Nations Veterans Association)

His son, Earl Jones Jr, seemed to also confirm his father’s death in a post shared on Facebook, where numerous friends and relatives extended their condolences for his loss.

“My heart is broken so bad I still needed you,” wrote the son.

In comments below the post, the veteran was commemorated by friends and family members as being a kind and joyful person.

“I always loved your dad,” wrote one friend. “Growing up playing hockey I remember how he’d make me/us laugh.”

“You had one awesome dad,” wrote a friend named Linda-Marie Sanderson. “You my boy did absolutely good by him he was proud of you and you respected him.”


‘There’s a lot of grief’ says Regina police chief in Monday morning update

ICYMI: Regina Police Chief Evan Bray says that the entire province and communities throughout it continue to feel on edge on Monday morning, as the manhunt for the two suspects wanted in connection with the deadly stabbing on Sunday that left 10 people dead remain at large.

“There’s a lot of grief, there’s a lot of anxiety in our province and in our communities this morning and all day yesterday,” said Chief Bray in a video shared to his Twitter account.

“Really, I think an important step for families and communities working through this will be to bring these two safely into custody. And so again if anyone has any information I would urge you to reach out to your local police service and let us know,” he added in the early morning address.


Residents detail waking up to horror on otherwise calm holiday weekend: ‘There’s too much happening’

ICYMI: Residents of the otherwise calm James Smith Cree Nation told local news how they woke up early on the holiday weekend Sunday to a heavy police presence and multiple cell phone alerts about the tragedy that had unfolded in the safety of their own community.

“I slept in, and I just woke up to all this news,” said Tracy Marion, a manager of the James Smith community convenience store and gas station, in an interview with the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

The on-reserve population is estimated to be 1,892, according to their website, while the village of Weldon, the other site of multiple stabbings, is said to be about 200 people.

“It was about 7:30 a.m. My husband was in the garden. He saw police cars and an ambulance come to town. It’s a little town. This is terrible, terrible. We’ve still got our doors locked, staying inside, not going out,” Weldon resident Diane Shier described to the local news outlet in an interview on Sunday.

“We went to church this morning in the town of Weldon, and everybody came. Nobody stayed home — as far as I know — for that reason, anyways. There were police sitting on the roads,” said Carmen Hanson, another Weldon resident.


Tributes pour in for victims killed: ‘I will forever cherish your sweet demeanor and caring ways’

ICYMI: Lana Head was identified by her former partner in an interview with APTN News to have died as a result of wounds she received in the brazen stabbing attacks carried out at James Smith Cree Nation on Sunday.

Michael Brett Burns, her former partner and father to their two children, said the family and friends of Head were mourning and asked that people respect their privacy during this difficult time.

“I’m hurt for all this loss,” he said.

On Head’s Facebook page, tributes for the 31-year-old began pouring in, as the news of her death began to ripple through the community.

“Still reeling as to what happened at JS. In total disbelief that were taken from this world in that horror,” wrote Teresa Stewart on Head’s Facebook wall. “I will miss our chats and seeing your chipmunk cheek smile May you be guided into the spirit world wrapped in comfort, peace and love.”

“I love you and say prayers for your children, grandchildren, your family. I am going to miss your sweet hello’s and messages. I will forever cherish your sweet demeanour and caring ways,” wrote Jenn Sanderson on the mother’s Facebook wall.

In a post from a friend who appears to be writing for one of Head’s children, the child of the deceased woman describes how they’d been looking forward to celebrating their 16th birthday, a celebration that they’ll now never get to ring in together.

“Mom. You never got to see my sweet 16.. that we both dreamed so much about. I never got to say goodbye. i’m going to miss you so much.. i don’t know what to do without you. Please reply to me and tell me this is all a dream.. please come and let’s visit in your car,” the post read, signed off from someone saying they were Head’s child.

In a Facebook post, Michael Brett Burns, the former partner of Head, shared a statement commemorating his children’s mother: “You will be missed dearly Lana. Thank you for beautiful daughters and granddaughters. Love.”

Later in the evening, Mr Burns followed that post up with another lamenting the loss of his children’s mother: “Oh my goodness i just hurt and tonight i cry alone : (”


Saskatchewan stabbing suspect Damien Sanderson found dead, say Canada police

One of the men suspected to be behind a spree of stabbings in Saskatchewan, Canada that killed 10 people and injured at least 19 has been found dead, Canadian authorities say.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said on Monday that Damien Sanderson, 31, had been killed, according to Reuters and multiple other media outlets.


One of suspects found dead, say police

One of the two suspects in the fatal Saskatchewan stabbings on Sunday has been found dead, police have confirmed.

Rhonda Blackmore, commanding officer of the Saskatchewan RCMP, said 31-year-old Damien Sanderson, 31, was found dead with wounds that did not appear to be self-inflicted.

Myles Sanderson, his brother, remains at large. He may have suffered injuries and could seek medical attention, the RCMP stated.


RCMP using ‘every human, investigational and technological resource’ to arrest suspects

“To the people of Saskatchewan and beyond, please be assured that we are using every human, investigational and technological resource we have available to locate and arrest the persons responsible for this tragedy and to ensure your safety,” said Rhonda Blackmore, commanding officer of the Saskatchewan RCMP.


Chief of Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations suggest drugs connected to stabbings

“Our hearts break for all those impacted,” said Bobby Cameron, Chief of FSIN in a statement. “This is the destruction we face when harmful illegal drugs invade our communities, and we demand all authorities to take direction from the Chiefs and Councils and their membership to create safer and healthier communities for our people.”

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