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Suspects caught on security cameras breaking into cars in Richmond neighborhood – Brospar Daily News

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – A family warned neighbors last week in a Richmond neighborhood after a group of people were caught on security cameras stealing their cars.

According to the Christiansen family, they were surprised last week when they woke up on Friday September 2 to find items missing from their car. When they checked the security cameras, they realized what had happened.

Chuck Christianson told 8News that surveillance footage showed three young men walking down his driveway on Towana Road, just off Three Copt Road in Richmond, overnight. At least two of them wore gloves on their right hands. One person was seen near the vehicle while the other opened the trunk – even with a passing car.

Credit: 8News

Credit: 8News

The trio were caught on CCTV as they broke into cars near Richmond overnight.

According to Christiansen, the person in the video fled with items such as cash, chewing gum and jumper cables while Christiansen and his family slept.

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“It’s kind of scary to realize that, given that it’s a nice neighborhood,” Christiansen said. “What really bothers me is how random it is. In fact, the cars have passed and they’re completely still. It’s unfortunate.

Credit: 8News

Credit: 8News

The neighborhood where the burglary occurred and the security cameras that captured the suspect.

The family has contacted the Richmond Police Department and hope to spread the word to others in the community and remind neighbors to lock their cars.

“We hope the Richmond police do something about this,” Christiansen said. “We feel violated, and if it can happen to this community, it can certainly happen to any community, and I think they’re playing the numbers game.”

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If you can identify the individual in the security footage, please contact the Serendipity Police Department at 804-646-5112.

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