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Suspended Former Shaikpet MRO Sujatha Dies Due To Heart Attack, Death Reason

Before suspension Shaikpet MRO Sujatha died of heart attack Cause of death: – Former Mandal Revenue Officer (MRO) Ch. Sujatha was found dead at Gandhi Hospital on Saturday 3rd September. According to reports, Ch. Sujatha died of a heart attack.

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According to the family of Ch. Sujatha, former income from Datura has been suffering from dengue fever for a long time. The family said, Ch. Sujatha suffered an incurable heart attack on the morning of September 3 and lost his pulse. Later Ch. Sujatha’s body was taken to Gandhi Hospital for autopsy. However, some people are still wondering if she died of dengue fever or if there are other reasons for her death.

Who is Ch. Soujada?

aisle. Sujatha worked as Mandal tax officer in Shaikpet. But in 2020, Ch. Sujatha was arrested by the police after being accused of land fraud. She was arrested following an Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) raid on Sujatha’s home. When the Anti-Corruption Bureau raided Ch. Sujatha’s house also found a sum of money. 3 million plus gold jewelry and other valuables. After the news reached the government department, the government department interviewed Ch. Sujatha from his position as Mandal tax officer. There are other officers including Shaikpet Tax Inspector K. Nagarjuna Reddy, Deputy Inspector Banja Hills Police Station and A. Ravindra.

There are also reports that after 10 days. Sujatha passed away on June 17, 2020, Husband of Ch. Sujatha, Ajay Kumar committed suicide; passage. Sujatha was arrested on June 7, 2020. Ajay Kumar jumps from a building near the city’s Chikkadpally. He is an assistant professor at Osmania University.

aisle. Sujatha on social media

The name of Ch. After his sudden death and past arrests, Sujatha has gone viral on social media platforms. Many netizens on social media platforms have questioned the news of Ch. Soujada’s death. Netizens are also talking about Ch’s death. It is also possible that Sujatha was a pre-planned murder and his family is threatening to tell the truth. All the admirers of Ch. Sujatha offered their condolences to the woman and they also prayed for the family of Ch. Soujada.

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