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Tharaka Nithi Businessman Francis Kiambi Kiriiro Cause Of Death, How Did He Die? Funeral & Obituary News!

Good afternoon everyone, this is another sad and unexpected death. We extend our deepest condolences and sympathies to the family and friends of Francis Kiambi Matanka, a well-dressed and renowned businessman and politician, who is no longer with us, and may his The soul rests in heaven. He belongs to Tharaka Nithi district and his body was found unconscious at his home in Nairobi. The district governor acknowledged his death.

Francis Kiambi Kiriiro Cause of Death

The police have launched an investigation into the matter, which is a very high priority case because he has many industries under his command and is an investor in start-up companies. He has a beautiful soul and he is very progressive in his life of acquiring small businesses and turning them into big industries. He did not have any predisposing diseases and was very suspicious, he was indeed pronounced dead on January 9th and had a lot of wealth.

Who is Francis Kiambi Kiriiro?

He has a multi-million dollar fortune and his body has been moved to a funeral home for the last rites. The family doctor was notified, but there was nothing he could do. He was hospitalized with some knee injuries during an accident in 2017, but has since recovered and is in a stable condition. Besides being a successful businessman, he is also a politician, he ran for election in 2017 but lost to the Home Affairs Officer, which is why he never touched that part again.

Francis Kiambi Kiriiro: Wikipedia and Bio

You can get to know him on his official Facebook page, by working hard and building a factory that earns a lot of income, he revolutionized a family’s fortune and lifestyle, that’s why he left a very comfortable and luxurious life but Just as he has always been a very honest man, he was also corrupt and many charges were brought against him during his operations.

He has been focusing on his business appearance. He was also a controversial part of the IAAF controversies or scandals in which huge amounts of money were wasted and corrupt politicians took it. The sports department didn’t find it and they are moving the money elsewhere. Thinking of how often these end up happening in developing countries like Nigeria, we’ll be back with some more interesting updates and insights, then read on for the article on our site.

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