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The bittersweet reprise of birdsong in fall – Brospar Daily News

Picture this: It’s a September morning, maybe 7 am. The crickets of the night had faded, it was a rosy dawn; the river was misty, and the woods and fields were almost silent. Then an Eastern Phoebe broke the silence. Twenty minutes later, a titmouse. What is missing?

The dawn choir is gone! If it’s spring, you’ll hear 10 to 20 different species of birds singing at the same time. You can still hear the morning birdsong in July, but in late August and early September you will suddenly notice the silence.

But the change actually started earlier, in the middle of summer. Once these birds raise their young deeply, they are busy feeding all their hungry mouths and no longer have to advertise their mates or defend their territory.

In August, the birds trade their bright breeding plumage for duller travel attire because

Most adult birds molt. Sometimes in early August some of these species, such as shorebirds and blackbirds, leave their breeding grounds and begin migrating in groups.

But, suddenly, you might hear a re-enactment of the September Dawn Choir. It’s not as grand as the Spring Chorus, but the birdsong is back. Why do birds sing in September?

Birds that stay in New Hampshire and do not migrate will continue to sing in the fall, including cardinals, chickadees, and chickadees. Some sparrows, such as the song sparrow, stay through the winter to continue defending their territory.

Daylength in the spring is one of the triggers for hormonal changes in birds, including testosterone, which is responsible for many full-throated screams and sings (pun intended). In the fall, when the length of the day changes again, this again triggers hormonal action. Thus, the resident birds, especially those defending their territory, sing as if to say, “I am always here. It’s still my territory. Stay away!”

Sometimes in the October fields you’ll hear a white-throated sparrow sing, Reminds you of the White Mountains in May. The reaction in people’s hearts, the sky darkens, autumn is knocking at the door, and the first frosts of September, it is the nostalgia of the summer that has just passed.

The Autumn Birdsong Fragments are almost a repeat of the Spring Dawn Chorus Symphony, until you check your calendar and realize it’s time to load up the shed and get ready. for winter. This cycle repeats itself again and again.

To learn more about the birds you hear in the fall, visit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Macaulay Sound Library. You can listen to bird songs from all over the world using your smartphone or computer.

Something wild is Audubon, New HampshireThis Forest Association and NHPR, by the team of Inside Outside.

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