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The Insect Parts That Get Stuck in Your Eye – Brospar Daily News

Ross Pomeroy

When a man in his 50s living in New Delhi, India, first noticed mild irritation in his right eye, he thought it would pass. But after ten days, he remembered an unfortunate incident that had happened a month earlier, when an unfortunate insect had struck his eye. So he went to the doctor to check.

Look, when the ophthalmologist at Mrs Harding School of Medicine widen his eyesthey found an insect wing embedded in the cornea, transparent front Eye that covers the iris and the pupil, mainly used to refract light.

The ophthalmologist administered local anesthesia and quickly removed the protruding part of the insect with forceps and sent the patient home with antibiotic eye drops to minimize any potential risk of infection.

This Account Recently published in the journal BMJ Case Report.

Insect wings stuck in the eyes are relatively rare, but are still so common in the medical literature that they have their own name: “The Case of the Wing”. Ophthalmologists often see various small objects embedded in the eye, To understand Windblown gravel, shards of glass, metal shavings, plant matter and, yes, insect parts. They generally recommend prompt removal of insect parts and other biological matter and treatment with topical antibiotics, as these invasive objects can harbor bacteria that can trigger infections and, in rare cases, permanent damage to vision.

Resource: Agarwal R, Rana N, Beri S, et al. Corneal foreign bodies in insect wing cases: findings based on ASOCT. BMJ Case Report PC 2022;15:e251578.

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Ross Pomeroy is a writer for RealClearScience.

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