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The Serpent Queen Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

Starz’s period drama “Queen of the Snakes” tells the story of the infamous Catherine de’ Medici, who was so notorious for her villainy that the label “snake” befits her. Her turbulent reign is the theme of the series, which also focuses on her early years, when she was a child, learning the ropes of love and politics and how to make them work in her favor. Although Katherine is smart and bold enough to survive no matter what, she still has many lessons to learn, not the least of which is the one she learned on her wedding night. What do the events of the first episode mean for Katherine’s future? Let’s find out. Spoilers ahead

After the Snake episode 1 recap

We are in 1560 and Catherine de Medici is about to crown her second son, Charles IX, king of France. Meanwhile, she was looking for a servant to serve her during the preparations and found the right one in Rahima. A conversation about what she would or wouldn’t do had Katherine telling Rashima her own life story, asking what she would do if she were in his shoes.

Flashback takes us back to 1536, where 17-year-old Catherine, an orphan in her early years, lives in a convent. She began to show her quick wit and agility. It would certainly work for her at the French court, sent by her uncle, Pope Clement VII, who arranged Catherine’s marriage. Although this may seem like the start of something good for her, it soon turns out that happiness is not yet within her reach.

Queen of the Snake Episode 1 Final: What Henry and Diane’s Romance Means to Catherine

Katherine has always been alone and she knows it. Her parents having died a few weeks after her birth, Katherine grew up in an environment that lacked love and attention, even if it kept her alive. Eventually, she is found by her uncle, but the timing of this discovery further convinces her that if he hadn’t been in a rush to befriend France, he wouldn’t have been looking for her. He had no choice but to marry Catherine to Henry. If he had more nice options in the store, he probably wouldn’t have looked for Katherine in the first place.

Photo credit: Stephanie Branchu/Starz

So Catherine knew she was lonely and unloved, so she came to France to marry Henry and she fell in love at first sight. Now at least she believed she wouldn’t be alone. Here she also meets Diane, who is not only her cousin, but also seems to really want to make Katherine’s life easier in her new home. Diane is someone Catherine feels she can trust, she has two people she can rely on and she is more confident in her situation. Until she finds out the two are engaged in a secret romance.

It was clear to Catherine from the start that Henry had a special relationship with Diane, and Diane seemed to like him too. The fact that Diane is almost twice as tall as Henry made Catherine feel that their relationship was closer to a mother-son relationship. In the end, however, it turned out that Diane had used her position as a widow to continue her affair with Henry. This helps her because Henry is a young man in a position of power and she can manipulate him for her own ends. The only problem on his way was caused by Henry’s wife. But Diane was more than happy to see him marry Catherine.

If Henry’s wife was a serious princess, someone from a royal family, of higher social status and more beautiful than her, that would be a problem for Diane. Such a girl would be favored in court, while allowing Henry to fall in love with her and leave Diane. Catherine, on the other hand, wasn’t pretty enough to steal the show from Diane. Her Italian ancestry made her an unflattering figure in court, and the fact that she was a penniless girl brought in by the Pope meant that Catherine’s presence was irrelevant. No one will pay attention to her, including Henry.

For Katherine, this is just one more obstacle in her path. Nothing is easy for her, which is another challenge she has to face. It also means she will have to work harder as she must not only convince Henry and others, but also remove Diane from her influential position. Diane’s presence in Henry’s life means that he will continue to be under her spell, and Catherine will never find the military happiness she has always hoped for.

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