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TikTok Star Accused Mads Lewis Of Bullying Scar Girl Annie Video Viral On Twitter & Reddit Link!

Hey everyone, another social media scandal and controversy is starting to make its way across the internet after the famous scar girl accused another Tiktoker Mads Lewis of bullying after she mocked her. It immediately started surfacing on the internet, and she looked genuinely devastated. She has over 6 million followers and 153 posts on Instagram. She drew a scar across her face with black marker and wrote an “N” on her forehead. The video has already racked up 2 million views, and the counting doesn’t stop there.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

TikTok star accuses Mads Lewis of bullying scar girl Annie

Her attempt to tell the audience that she was being abused was absurd and dramatic to her. She really is never worth the data, she wants to change your life. But everything is unclear because she never opens up on social media platforms, she is just telling a very ordinary story. But the video was definitely a response from another creator on the same platform, Mads Lewis. the relationship between them. She is currently 21 years old.

TikTok star accuses Mads Lewis of bullying Scared Girl Anne video

She was born in Arizona, where she started her content creation journey to the next level about 4 years ago and made a name for herself by posting lisp videos. She makes a lot of money thanks to these videos and selling her merchandise. She still hasn’t stopped and hopes to become a successful model. She has two other siblings who are doing the same thing and they won’t stop at any cost. They are called chicken people. She also created a YouTube channel for herself where she posts makeup videos.

Who is Scar Girl Anne?

Internet challenges for fun. She has amazing eye color and blonde hair. She is able to attract tons of people in her life stream and she lives like a star. She has been able to live a lavish lifestyle for herself and is always making headlines thanks to these trending videos. Some of your competitors always accuse her of doing public stunts to gain viewers for her own benefit, and she tries to defend herself time and time again against the accusation.

She has a very unique personality and a certain way of expressing herself, whether it’s flattering or very dramatic. She’s definitely establishing herself as a well-known face that has done a lot of good in her life. She will continue to expand her influence and produce more innovative content so that people will not be bored. There is no information on relationship status and family background. We’ll be back with more groundbreaking storage, and until then keep reading the article on our site.

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