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Top 10 quotes on Inibehe Effiong’s incarceration » tonews.xyz

“The political environment regularly stands at the top of the rule of law.”

Chris Umana, Akwa Ibom State Attorney (Source: Fb)

“Inibehe is a victim of the prison justice system, which is itself the prison.

A retired public speaker and lawyer from Lagos, Dele Farotimi (Supplied: Fb)

“Inibehe is a brave, dynamic and good defender who is destined to become a phenomenon in career empowerment in Nigeria.”

Human rights lawyer Chidi Odinkalu (Contribution: Herald)

“One of the elements of injustice is that it can happen to anyone, anytime and anytime.”

Undergraduate at Calabar College, Mike Odenigbo (Supply: Fb)

“Within the framework of the Nigerian legal system, verdicts without trial are certainly not welcome, as they symbolize a chain of arbitrariness and a slap in the face to the sacred idea of ​​regulation.”

Human rights lawyer Pelumi Olajengbesi. (TheCable)

“By analogy, an unjust decision is more dangerous for society than a man going mad with a dagger on a crowded road. The latter is physically restrained, while the former deliberately undermines the ethical foundations of society, inflicting immeasurable pain on people, yet responds with dignity.

Former Chief Justice of Nigeria Mustapha Dahiru, quoted by renowned author Elias Ozikpu (Contributed by SaharaReporters)

“Treat him (Inibeh Effin) with contempt as the judge of the temple of a devoted minister who should in no way be ‘condemned’ for his character.”

A Nigerian NGO, Mama Earth’s Wellbeing (Source: Today’s Newspaper)

“For many magistrates, once their status has been confirmed, their loyalty should not be indeterminate, nor primarily structural.”

Social commentator and writer, Kene Obiezu (contributed to The Nation newspaper)

“Akwa Ibom CJ went over the line and proved his partisanship.”

Festus Ogun, Lagos-based constitutional lawyer (source: Twitter)

“This imprisonment will bring him (Inibehe Effiong) national and world glory.”

Lawyer and Chairman of the Convention Section on the Regulation of Public Curiosity and Growth of the Nigerian Bar Association, Monday Ubani (Supplied: Fb)

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