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Trinity Legal celebrates 15 years in OKC – Brospar Daily News

Oklahoma City (KFOR) – Robert Stonebreaker remembers that he had come to his end.

“I slept in the car. Then I lost the car,” he recalls.

He comes out of drug addiction, a broken marriage and unemployment.

“I made the decision to do something different,” recalls Stonebreaker.

Walking through the doors of the OKC City Rescue Team was his first step to getting back on his feet.

“In the end, my wife said, ‘You can’t see your son’.”

The cleaning process is not easy.

The stone breaker, like many other homeless people, had to tackle the daily task of using lockers to store his valuables.

He slept in a large dormitory, spent hours in a living room and had plenty of time to figure out how he had lost it.

“I realized that wasn’t what I wanted to be. It was not me.

But he also started looking for answers here.

He stayed awake and learned of a group of lawyers calling themselves Trinity Legal who he discovered were meeting people who couldn’t pay.

Robert claimed, “I don’t think that’s possible.”

Edmund’s lawyer, Lloyd McAllister, helped build the group based on simple biblical principles.

“Our goal is to fulfill our promise to glorify God by serving our fellow man,” he said, “and to find out how we should do it.”

Robert hopes to have a few limited visits with his son.

A volunteer lawyer helped him get it.

“I met them,” Robert recalls, “and they interviewed me and said they were willing to help me.”

Trinity Legal does not have its own building or large office.

The organization is largely made up of volunteers who offer their legal expertise to disadvantaged clients.

They have been around for 15 years now, helping people like Robert and bringing change that no legal document can define.

“That means everything,” Stonebreaker said. “That’s the difference in the trajectory of my life.”

It’s been a decade since the Stonebreaker crisis.

He received visitors, first under supervision, then more, as he proved his sobriety.

He gave up his old career as a diesel mechanic because he knew it would have a bigger impact.

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We followed him as he bought lunch at the rescue mission’s new Rise Cafe, and he proudly revealed that he’s now the director of the Oklahoma Homeless Coalition and reunited with his family and friends. children.

“We’ve been together for eight years,” Robert said with a smile.

It tells us that life is about taking one step at a time, taking the most important step with help.

Find more information Trinity Legal Services through their website.

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