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Trump Endorses DeWine for Re-Election as Ohio Governor – Brospar Daily News

Former President Donald Trump this week approval Republican Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is running for former Dayton Democratic Mayor Nan Whaley.

“…We have a great guy, Mike DeWine, who does his job with composure, professionalism and patriotism, and does a great job,” the former CEO said in a statement. said in a statement. “Running with its very talented and loyal Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted, Ohio has been plagued by a ‘roaring’ economy, especially under my four-year presidency.”

Trump went on to call Whaley a “horrible person” and a “failed mayor” who saw crime spike while she was president of her city from 2014 to 2022.

From Wall Continue to conduct surveys The duo edge out Whaley after being nominated by their respective parties in the May 3 primary. Emerson College and Trafalgar Group polls in mid-August both gave DeWine a 16-point lead.

Whaley and other Democrats have used DeWine’s support for Trump to suggest the Republican nominee contradicts his past, more resilient stance toward the former president.

“It’s become clear over the years that Mike DeWine, no matter what the political winds, is only thinking about himself and what’s best for our state,” Whaley said. wrote on Twitter. “Having avoided being seen with Trump for years, he is now happy to accept his endorsement because he needs it.”

Ohio Democratic spokesman Matt Case expressed similar sentiments in his own tweet.

“DeWine once said that Trump ‘set a fire that threatened to burn down our democracy,’ Keyes Tweeter“Now DeWine has traded his dignity for that weak ‘approval,’ if you can even say that.”

Nor did Trump’s praise of the moderate Devin go down well with conservatives in general.

“Mike DeWine shut down Ohio, stripped Ohioans of their most basic rights, destroyed the lives of countless men, women and children in our state, and is currently enforcing unconstitutional gun laws – he gets Donald Trump’s support,” said Jonah Schultz, former Republican congressional candidate for the 7th District. sigh.

Meanwhile, DeWine himself, Express He thanked Trump for his support.

“Lieutenant. Governor @JonHusted and I thank President Trump for your support! the Governor tweeted. “Thank you. #WinningForOH.

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Bradley Vasoli is ohio star. Follow Brad on Twitter @BVasoli. Email alert [email protected].
Photo “Mike DeWine” by Mike DeWine.

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