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UK government tests carbon paper copying – media — tonews.xyz

Whitehall is reportedly considering older technology to prepare for possible winter power outages

copied carbon paper “pressure test” Whitehall staff will take action as Britain prepares for a possible blackout this winter, the Financial Times reported on Friday, citing three officials familiar with the matter.

Old-fashioned breeding techniques can be used for internal government communications and have been tested in recent emergency drills.

“The idea is to have people running around Whitehall and handing out copies of documents to colleagues in other departments or agencies to keep people connected,” he said. An official told the newspaper.

This is to address concerns about how to get governments to communicate with each other in a crisis.

The document explains that the carbon paper was one of the elements of exercises carried out by certain ministries to test the government’s ability to stay afloat in the event of a major crisis, such as a widespread blackout or nuclear war.

Emergency drills are being conducted as part of an intergovernmental plan to be established in 2021 “Improve the planning and resilience of central and local governments and industry to deal with power outages across the country”, Officials say they insist it is not directly related to the energy crisis sparked by the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“This plan predates these events”, said one of the officials.

It is unclear from the reports whether Whitehall used mechanical typewriters with carbon paper or opted to switch to handwritten communications. Invented in the early 19th century, carbon paper was the primary means of copying documents for over a century before the advent of photocopying, which was then introduced into the electronic document stream.

Britain’s leaders have so far sent mixed signals about the prospect of blackouts and energy rationing this winter. This week outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged Britons to buy new kettles to save energy.

“If you have an old kettle that takes a long time to boil it might cost you £20 to replace, but if you buy a new kettle you can save £10 a year on your electricity bill”, Johnson said Thursday in his final policy speech.

While Liz Truss, the favorite to become the next Conservative leader and prime minister, has ruled out any winter energy rationing, her rival Rishi Sunak is less optimistic. “Many European countries are looking to optimize our energy consumption, which is a smart thing for us as a country,” he said this week.

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