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Used napkin helped Minnesota investigators connect 1993 murder to man – Brospar Daily News

DNA evidence found on towels helps jury convict Jerry Westrom of murdering Jenny Childs after 29 years in the cold WCCO-TV reports.

Investigators found his DNA on a bloody bath towel, towel and shirt at the crime scene, the outlet reported. Investigators also said they found his blood at a crime scene in Minneapolis in 1993. They later linked his DNA to him on a genealogy website.

To confirm they had a suspect, investigators waited for Westrom to drop off towels at a hockey game he was attending.

Jury foreman Derek Fradenburgh told WCCO the bloody print could not be explained.

“Even the most charitable reading is one of his fingerprints,” he told the outlet.

The jury returned its verdict in less than two hours.

Westrom claimed he did not know Childs.

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