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Vanderbilt University Professor Jon Meacham Helped Write Biden’s Anti-MAGA Speech – Brospar Daily News

according to a weekend story in Germany PoliticsOne of the people behind President Joe Biden’s controversial speech on Thursday night was Professor Vanderbilt, who has long been mired in controversy for his far-left political leanings.

“The actual speech writing began about three weeks ago, with historian Jon Meacham participating in some of Biden’s most comprehensive speeches, helping to frame it,” according to Politics.

Meacham learn at Vanderbilt University, where he teacher doctorate in political science, and served as President of the United States Caroline T. and holder of the Robert M. Rogers Professorship. The speech he penned for President Biden was aimed at former President Donald Trump’s supporters – 74 million – and Biden painted them in bold, calling them extremists and a threat to democracy itself.

“MAGA forces are determined to roll back the country,” Biden says Last Thursday in Philadelphia. “Return to an America where there is no other choice. No privacy. No contraceptive rights. No right to marry someone you love.

“They promote authoritarian leaders, incite political violence and threaten our individual rights, our pursuit of justice, the rule of law and the soul of this country,” he said.

Meacham worked at MSNBC before joining Biden’s transition team after the 2020 election. Publish from the web At the time, Biden’s campaign speeches were often touted online, and many suspect he wrote them himself or helped write them while working for news outlets.

Meacham, October 2020 mocking trump supporters Saying they were tortured by what he called “lizard brains”.

“The problem with America is the size [Trump’s] The base is,” he said on television at the time. “This country has a lizard brain. Donald Trump is the product of a white, white, sore, nervous lizard brain. “

This refers to the brutality of what Meacham sees as Trump supporters.

psychology today Explain:

It is a very primitive part of the phylogeny of the brain. Many call it the “lizard brain” because the limbic system is almost all the function of the lizard brain. He is responsible for fight, flight, feeding, fear, freezing and adultery.

Meacham’s political ideas also infiltrated the classroom.

A political science class taught by Meacham at Vanderbilt University calls America’s founding fathers “white supremacists.” (Meacham still serves as Thomas Jefferson Foundation).

“Is the Constitution designed to perpetuate white supremacy and protect slavery?” Meacham interrogate During a quiz, the foundation received a copy of the test, according to the Young America Foundation.

The correct answer is “yes,” according to a student prompter who lost academic grades for answering “no.”

Meanwhile, Meacham is co-chairman of the Vanderbilt Project for American Unity and Democracy.

Vanderbilt describes the program as follows:

American democracy in the 21st century struggles against polarization. While division is the oxygen of democracy, never since the Civil War have so many Americans had such a radical view of opposition, not just to politics but to reality itself. Vanderbilt’s Solidarity and American Democracy program, in partnership with the university’s world-class faculty, will elevate the role of research and evidence-based reasoning in the national conversation. Using original content based on facts and evidence, the project seeks to make meaningful contributions to bridge America’s deepest divides.

“Jon Meacham, co-chair of the Vanderbilt Project on American Unity and Democracy, professor of political science at Vanderbilt University, Caroline T. and Robert M. Rogers as presidents of the United States, are well-known historians of the presidents, for New York Times book reviewContributing Editor timeand Pulitzer Prize winner,” according to his pass Page.

In 2018, his book American Soul: The Fight for Our Best Angelspublished by Random House.

Biden has used variations of the phrase frequently in recent weeks, both before and after his divisive speech.

“The MAGA proposal is a threat to the soul of this country,” he said on Sunday.

“Everything we stand for is built on the platform of democracy. Those who threaten this platform threaten the very soul of this country,” he said on Saturday.

“Join me in commenting on the ongoing battle for the soul of the nation,” he said Thursday before his speech.

Tennessee Star Meacham requested through his representative ICM Partnersto confirm or deny that he helped produce President Biden’s speech in Philadelphia, but received no response before press time.

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Pete d’Abrosca is Tennessee Star and Star News Network. Follow Pete Twitter. Email alert [email protected].
Photo “Jon Meacham” by University of Kentucky. “Joe Biden” background photo by: White House.

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