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Virginia making it easier for new moms to keep Medicaid coverage for 1 year postpartum – Brospar Daily News

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Virginia is one of many states making it easier for new mothers to get Medicaid one year after childbirth in a new policy outlined in the American Relief Program Act 2021.

forward New policy Starting this spring, Medicaid mothers will lose access to care for two months after their pregnancy ends.

Doctors say postpartum care is crucial for new mothers because it’s often a time when depression and other health issues can develop.

The expanded coverage includes regular health checkups, behavioral health visits and specialist care, enabling mothers to receive treatment for chronic conditions and avoid preventable complications or death.

Kaiser Family Foundation Report New options available Open to states within the next five years.

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Virginia Medicaid estimates the new policy will expand coverage to more than 6,000 members in Virginia each year.

For Virginians, coverage includes continued eligibility, which means Medicaid will cover the mother’s postpartum care for the year, regardless of a change in the mother’s income.

The policy will also improve the well-being of families of color, the former Virginia health secretary said, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that black women are three times more likely to die from causes related to pregnancy than white women.

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Individuals can apply for Medicaid online at Common aid. Application wizards are available at
There is no cost to assist with this process.

visitors VA lid and Spanish Cubic Virginia Sites can find a list of application helpers in their communities.

Those who prefer to speak to someone on the phone can call 1-888-221-1590.translate
And provide interpretation services in all languages.

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