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Watch Steph Curry Drain 5 Full-Court Shots in a Row


Need more proof that Steph Curry is a GOAT? OK…… Official Sports Illustrated Twitter account I just posted a video of the Warriors superstar point guard firing off five straight shots from the ground.

What! ?

Sure, no one was guarding Curry – the video appears to have been taken during team practice, with the No. 30 catching a ball from a nearby rack and throwing it high from the other end of the floor – but Still a mediocre feat – fantastic.

“This guy can’t be missed,” the tweet read. In effect.

Watch the clip below to hear Curry’s excitement as he hits one super long range shot after another. When the 34-year-old let the last ball fly, someone backstage said: “Oh, shot. Five in a row.

The shot was on target and Curry squealed in delight, then ran off the field in excitement and through a nearby gate.


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