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What are they and how dangerous are they?

(free world union/NEXSTAR) – They might look cute, but they’re also described as one of America’s most venomous creatures. Have you ever heard of “cat caterpillars”?

Many Central Florida residents are currently experiencing the return of the inch-long caterpillars typically found on oak and elm trees. Florida Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

cat caterpillar bite Itching, burning, rashes, lesions and swelling – sometimes in multiple parts of the body – may be involved.

Cat caterpillars are about an inch long and are common in Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and Arkansas, except in surrounding areas. These insects usually appear in the fall and spring.

Logan Pergola, 15, of central Florida, told WFLA in Tampa A cat caterpillar stung him A huge grid-like mark was left on his wrist when he was out with his family.

“It’s burning,” he told his mother before the pain shot through his chest.

(World Confederation of Labour)

Looking at the photo of the caterpillar, you may be wondering: where are its head and legs? They are there, just hidden by the hair. AgriLife Extension at Texas A&M University Explain that caterpillars have chewing mouthparts.

Fun Fact (Crude): Cat caterpillars sprout their feces. University of Florida He said it may have been to keep the feces away from the food.

After the winter cocoon period, the caterpillars emerge as flannel moths – also known as southern flannel moths. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Foundation states that an adult’s wingspan is about 1 to 1.5 inches long. The wing colors are usually yellow and black (front wings) and creamy yellow on the hidden wings. Their breasts are usually orange.

While it’s best to leave them alone, experts say that if you do get bitten, use duct tape to remove the bite from your skin as soon as possible. Ice packs, oral antihistamines, and hydrocortisone creams can also be used for pain relief.

Although southern flannel moths are less harmful than caterpillars, officials say you should still resist touching them.

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